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Access Chapter 3

Access Chapter 3 ITE 115
Which of the following statements is true in reference to calculated fields
Calculated fields can be used as input for other calculated fields
The PMT function is best suited to determine
The monthly payment on a car loan.
The ___ function measures the amount of time that has elapsed between two dates.
Consider the table pictured above. The value of 150 in the totals Rows represents the total hours worked. How was this value calculated in theTotals Row?
The value is a result of the Sums Function being applied to the hours worked field
Consider the following equation. 3*(6+5)-4/2. Which operation would be calculated first according to the order of operation?
In addition to verifying the accuracy of a calculated field using a calculator, you can also use a(n) ____ to verify results
Excel Spreadsheet
You create a calculated field that finds the average of a column of numbers. Access automatically names the field Expr1. which of the following statements is true regarding the automatic naming of the calculated field.
Access assigns Expr1 to a calculated field without a name, and this name can be edited.
All of the following are valid statements in reference to the iif function except:
iif functions work only with numeric values and not with text
You can use ____ function in an expression requiring the current date.
Which of the following stements is incorrect regarding aggregate functions
Sum, Avg, and Max are examples of ____ functions that are used to evaluate entire columns of data
The ____ function isolates a specific portion of the date, such as the day, month, or year, in a date field.
An expression or integer value specifying total number of payments in a loan is the ______argument in the PMT function.
Consider the table pictured above. The value of $17.50 in the totals rows respresent the mean hourly wage. How was this value calculated in the totals row
This value is a result of the average function being applied to the Hourlywage Field.
The built-in iif function evaluates a condition and displays ____.
one value when the condition is true and another value when the condition is false.
When designing an expression for a calculated field, the name of the calculated field followed by
Jenny is workign on a database that stores invoices. She needs to include the current day, month, and year, which will be delivered from the computer system, on each new invoice. She should use the _____ function for this process.
A(n) ____ is a variable or constant that is needed to produce output for a function in a calulated fied.
Consider the table pictured above. The value 4 in the totals row represents the number of employees listed in this table. How was this value calculated in the totals row?
This value is a result of the count function being applied to the lastname field
The first two arguments of the DatePart function are ____ which describes the part of the date that will be returned; and ____ which tells the Access where to locate the date/time information
interval, date
Rich is working on a database that stores a list of vendors and price quotes for a remodling project. If rich wanted to create a query to find the least expensive price quote, he should use the ____ function on the column containing the price quotes.
All of the following are arguments of the built-in PMT function except:
loan payment
A total row, which can be displayed as a the last row in the datasheet view of a table, provides a number of ____ functions that can be applied to columns od data
Access contains ____ that perform routine calculations
Built in fnctions
Syntax can most accuratley be defined as the ____.
Set of language rules that access follows when evaluating expressions.
Expression builder can be opened by selecting builder located in the query
Setup group
Following the rules for the order of operations, what is the result of the following expression: (95)+5+10-106
When designing a calculated field, complex formulas can be created with the ____.
Expression Builder
Which of the following is the correct mathematical sequence for the order of operations:
Exponentiation, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction
Aggregate functions are most commonly used in all of the following Access objects EXCEPT:
All of the following are true in reference to Expression Builder EXCEPT:
Expression Builder can only be used with functions designed by the user and not with built-in functions.
Consider the table pictured above. GrossPay is a calculated field. Which of the following expressions was used to calculate the data for the field?
What function in a Totals Row would calculate the least valued data item in a group?
Constants that are used as arguments in expressions can be defined as ____.
Values that do not change.
All of the following are true in reference to built-in functions EXCEPT:
Built-in functions can only perform calculations on numberic data.
Jenna is working on a database that stores a company's invoices. The database includes a table called Invoices, which has a column called outBalances that shows all outstanding balances. Jenna's boss has asked her to design a query that calculates the numerical mean of all outstanding balances. Which function should Jenna use on the outBalances column to help her complete this task?
You are reviewing a table you created in an Access database. As you review the table, you notice a column of cells that are supposed to contain sales figures have pound signs through them (########). What is the cause of these pound signs?
Expression Builder inserts ____ that tell you where each argument belongs.
Which of the following statements is true about date formatting?
Date formatting changes the way a date is displayed without changing the value of the date.
All of the following statements are true regarding functions arguments EXCEPT:
An argument can be the value of a label
Which of the following statements offers the best method for ensuring that a database is recoverable in case of corruption?
Make a copy of the database before attempting to make changes to the database.