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EXTRA CREDIT: 4 step training process (ADIE)

Analysis - identyfiy job KSA compare to traines KSA
Development- form measurable KSA training & review budget
Implement-train targeted group via OJT
Evaluate-ases success or failure

CH 1...focuses on using centralized call senters and outsourcing arragements with venders as a way of providing specialized reports for HR activites

transactional human resources

4 basic functions of management pg 98

planning, leading, controling

human resource management is best defined as the process of

aquiring, training, appraising and

describe non traditional worker

seasonal, job sharing

evidense based HR rely on ____ pg 13-15

data, facts, analytics, scientiic rigor, critical evaluations, research

what ter refers to knowledge, training, expertise of firm worker

human capital

Ch 2... Linda 56 year old white lady. what law protects her from discrimination

age discrimination 1967

equal employ act 1963 employer can pay people differently for

senority, merit, production/quantity

what 2 defenses are available for employers defending themselves against discrimination pg 35

BFOQ binafied occupational qualification &business necesity

____ employer engages in an employment practice or policy that has a greater adverse effect on effected group

dispared impact

maria is consulting an atorney about filing SH charges... ways to prove SH

quid pro quo & hostile work environment

useful in minimize liability for SH


ubner civil rights 1951 file complaint in ___ days after incident takes place


CH 3 general moters begain to improve quality and satisfaction. what step are they on in strategic management process

evaluate performance

most likely serves as basis for HR strategy developed by majority of firms

work force

during strategy planning process SWAT chart and environmental scanning used for

gather information

1st step in strategic management process

define current business

capital carpet and tile oporate website they are implementing strategy of ___

vertical strategy

basic step in management planning process includes setting objectives determining alternative course of actions T/F


most important human resource issue to address during the integration stage of a merger and aquisition

identify and retain talent

CH 4 describes a job in terms of mesurable and observable behaviors that an employee doing the job must exhibit to do the job well

company job analysis

sumarize personal quality traits skills education needed for job

job specification

jakie is nurse on temp assistant at hospital as needed basis. jackie is what kid of worker


person who fills top executive job at firm


refer to end to end process of planning recruiting developmenting manageing and compensating

talanent management

disadvantage of using executive recruiter pg 97

what client says isnt really what they need, charges for head hunter may vary

compny had pool of applicants. 1st step in pre screening


CH 5 score 70 on test one day and 110 on test another day

test not reliable

1st step in conducting an interview is

ubderstand the job/job description

used to measure job knowledge

acheivment test

what type of interview will include segment" tell me about a time you worked successful in team environment

behavioral interview

____ test includes test of general ability


primamry advantage of using management assesive centers in selection process

measure performance

screening devise measures tolerance of others who steel

paper pencil honesty test

most likely outcome using same test on all people

reduce bias

test administered for hiring process should be valid and reasonable T/F


CH 6 pilot trained on simulator


helps focus effort of trainees and trainers and establishes bentch mark for evaluating training program

instructional objective

suzie was hired after graduation abd assigned to complete management training program she moved to various jobs for 9 months

job rotation

eric in group with 5 managers teams at pepsi company group competing against another management group

management games

4 basic categories of training program outcome that are typically measured include reactive, learning, behavior, and results T/F


_____ is special approach to organizational change

organizational development

refers to setting specific members goals and review progress made


use critical incidents to explain ratings



hailo horn

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