25 terms

4th Grade Ch 4, 5, & 6

human person
a person created in the image of God with a mind, a will, and a body
to choose freely to give yourself to another
great wonder, & deep respect
Why shouldn't we use other people?
Humans are made in the image of God and deserve our respect.
Tell me 3 things about Elizabeth of Hungary
1) Lived 1200s, 2) Was a queen, her husband the king died. 3) After her husband die she lived a life of poverty and took care of the poor. 4)She dies at age of 24
Chapter 5
Original Sin (2 answers)
1) the first sin of Adam and Eve. 2) we are conceived and born without grace
knowing something is wrong and choosing to do it anyway
to receive from a parent by genetics ( Passed down from parents to kids)
Something that makes a bad choice look like a good one.
God's life that he shares with us.
How did Adam and Eve hurt themselves when they chose to sin?
They were cut off from God and now must suffer death
How are we affected by Original Sin?
(a) We are born without grace, (b) its hard to chose good and (c) we can become sick and we will die
Who tempted Adam and Eve?
The Devil
What did God ask of Adam and Eve in the Garden
Do not eat the fruit from the tree
Who killed Abel
His brother Cain
Why did Cain kill Abel
He was jealous of Abel because God like Abel's gift
Chapter 6
Helping someone who is suffering
Wrong, evil
Does God love us even when we sin?
How does God show his merciful love
He forgives ours
Who was Jacob's favorite son?
Where was Joseph sold into slavery?
How is Joseph (1500 BC) like Jesus?
He forgave his brothers