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A complete list of Missouri snakes and their common names. Credit for information goes to: Wikipedia

Worm Snake

Dark, black or purple color on top, pink or reddish on bottom. No other markings.

Northern Scarlet Snake

Eastern Yellowbelly Racer

Eastern Yellowbelly Racer (Juvinile)

Prairie Ring-Necked Snake


Great Plains Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake (Juvinile)

Are very patterned, brown blotches on grey background.

Western Mud Snake

Like Worm Snake, but with dark stripes on belly

Plains Hognose Snake (Western Hognose Snake)

Eastern Hognose Snake

Its color can be red, green, orange, brown, grey, black, or any combination. Can be blotched, checkered, or patternless. Belly tends to be solid grey, yellow, or cream colored.

Prarie King Snake

Is light brown or grey in color, with dark grey, dark brown, or reddish-brown blotching down the length of their bodies.

Prarie King Snake (Juvinile)

Usually have a brown stripe down the back of their bodies, two black spots behind the head, and smaller black spots down the back on both sides of the stripe.

Speckled King Snake

Red Milk Snake

Eastern Coachwhip

Mississipi Green Water Snake

Yellow-Bellied Water Snake

Broad-Banded Water Snake

Diamondback Water Snake

Northern Water Snake

Rough Green Snake

Smooth Green Snake

Graham's Crayfish Snake

dark back, cream belly

Ground Snake


Midland Brown Snake


Northern Red-bellied Snake

Flat-headed Snake

light brown, no markings, with light grey head

Western Ribbon Snake

Plains Garter Snake

Eastern Garter Snake

Lined Snake

Rough Earth Snake

Small, brown, unpatterned snake with lightly keeled scales

Smooth Earth Snake

Osage Copperhead

Western Cottonmouth

Timber Rattlesnake

Western Pygmy Rattlesnake

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

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