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  1. Joe Biden
  2. Nathaniel Bacon
  3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  4. John Locke
  5. Barack Obama
  1. a political philosopher who believed that a social contract existed between political leaders and the people they governed
  2. b Current US POTUS from Chicago, IL (#44)
  3. c Colonial era Virginian who led a rebellion that showed the determination of the people to take Indian lands. Died of dysentery.
  4. d 2nd woman to serve on the Supreme Court; still serves today
  5. e Current Vice President under Obama

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  1. Colonial era newspaper writer whose court case helped establish freedom of the press
  2. 1st US POTUS, leader of the Continental Army and the President of the Constitutional Convention of 1787
  3. Current Secretary of Homeland Security who is blamed by many Republicans for the security that lapses that allowed the "underwear bomber" to board a flight to Detroit on Christmas day.
  4. Patriot author of Common Sense and The American Crisis
  5. current chief justice of the Supreme Court

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  1. George W. BushPOTUS until late January 2009


  2. Thurgood MarshallAnti-Federalist Virginian who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights


  3. William PatersonSecond POTUS to be impeached. He survived easily after lying to Congress about a marital issue.


  4. Arnold SchwarzeneggerColonial era newspaper writer whose court case helped establish freedom of the press


  5. Antonin Scalia1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and an author of several of the Federalist Papers