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  1. George Mason
  2. Nancy Pelosi
  3. Joe Biden
  4. John Zenger
  5. John Dickinson
  1. a DE delegate to Const Conv of 1787 who was best known as the author of the Articles of Confederation
  2. b Colonial era newspaper writer whose court case helped establish freedom of the press
  3. c Anti-Federalist Virginian who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights
  4. d Speaker of the US House of Representatives & 1st woman to hold that position
  5. e Current Vice President under Obama

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  1. Former US POTUS who resigned in 1974 before he could be impeached; HE WAS NOT IMPEACHED
  2. 2nd woman to serve on the Supreme Court; still serves today
  3. Patriot founder of the Sons of Liberty, involved in the Boston Tea Party
  4. Current Secretary of Homeland Security who is blamed by many Republicans for the security that lapses that allowed the "underwear bomber" to board a flight to Detroit on Christmas day.
  5. Massachusetts slave who successfully sued for her freedom in 1781 based on the principles of the DOI.

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  1. John RobertsColonial era newspaper writer whose court case helped establish freedom of the press


  2. Thomas PaineVA primary author of the Declaration of Independence; wrote about unalienable rights; 3rd POTUS; 2nd US minister to France


  3. George IIIKing of England hated by colonists during the Revolutionary Era. Only individual directly referenced in the Declaration of Independence.


  4. Robert ByrdWest Virginian who currently presides over most meetings of the US Senate as the President Pro Tempore


  5. Alexander HamiltonColonial era Virginian who led a rebellion that showed the determination of the people to take Indian lands. Died of dysentery.