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  1. John Roberts
  2. George III
  3. Dick Cheney
  4. William Paterson
  5. Robert Byrd
  1. a Man from New Jersey who believed that all states should have equal representation in a unicameral Congress; wrote the New Jersey Plan
  2. b current chief justice of the Supreme Court
  3. c US Vice President under George W. Bush
  4. d West Virginian who currently presides over most meetings of the US Senate as the President Pro Tempore
  5. e King of England hated by colonists during the Revolutionary Era. Only individual directly referenced in the Declaration of Independence.

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  1. Current California governor; Article II of the Constitution would have to be changed in order for him to become POTUS; Born in Austria and best known as The Terminator
  2. Virginian who helped James Madison write the Constitution and presented the Virginia Plan and a federal court plan.
  3. DE delegate to Const Conv of 1787 who was best known as the author of the Articles of Confederation
  4. Colonial era Virginian who led a rebellion that showed the determination of the people to take Indian lands. Died of dysentery.
  5. Anti-Federalist Virginian who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights

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  1. Richard NixonFormer US POTUS who resigned in 1974 before he could be impeached; HE WAS NOT IMPEACHED


  2. Janet NapolitanoSpeaker of the US House of Representatives & 1st woman to hold that position


  3. Joe BidenMassachusetts slave who successfully sued for her freedom in 1781 based on the principles of the DOI.


  4. John Jay1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and an author of several of the Federalist Papers


  5. Samuel AdamsPatriot founder of the Sons of Liberty, involved in the Boston Tea Party