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Declaration of Independence and American Revolution Study Guide.


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5 comittee members of the writing of the Declaration of Independence
John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Bemjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman
Who wrote the DOI?
Thomas Jefferson
Who made the motion for Independence?
Richard Henry Lee
Who Signed the DOI the biggest and the first because he was the President of Congress?
John Hancock
Who did not sign the DOI because he was away fighting the war?
George Washington
Who walked out of the convention on the day of voting, because he believed the resulting war would be wrong?
John Dickinson
Who's ideas were used on the DOI even though he didn't sign it himself?
Thomas Paine
What was the name of Thomas Paine's pamphlet, why was it so popular?
Common Sense; it was written in a way evryone could understand.
In what city did Congress meet, and the DOI was written, passed, and signed?
What is the name of the famous object that doesnt work because it has a crack in it but is assosciated with independence?
the Liberty Bell
What was the purpose of the DOI?
Thepurposed of the DOI was written to explain to the world the colonies were independent from Brittain.
Some reps. objected to 1 part of the DOI and demanded it be removed ( half the delegates agreed they would not sign it if was not removed) what was the topic?
That slavery was wrong
What group of mercenaries did Washington surprise in his attack on Trenton in December of 1776?
What was the trick Washington pulled at Princeton?
The campfire trick
Under what circumstances did the Am. win the Battle of Saratoga?
The British 3 pronged attack failed.
Besides fighting as a soldier, how did the Frenchman Lafayette help the Americans?
He gave the Am. army $200,000
How did "Baron" Friedrich von Steuben help the American cause?
He trained the military forces at Valley Forge.
Conditions at Valley Forge for the Am. army
Many Am. soldiers died from the cold and snow.
S. John Paul "Jones" was a sea aptain who said what famous words?
"I have not yet begun to fight"
How did George Rogers Clark greatly weaken the British Army in the West?
His men and him took over some british camps and Fort Sachville.
What was the nickname of Francis Marion, and what was his fighting style?
Swampfox. Geurilla Warfare
How did Washington win at Yorktown?
He surrounded the British at the Bay. The French Navy blocked the British ships from entering the bay to help the british army escape.