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Boxer movement

Wanted to deny Europeans access to China for trade




Boxers raided European embassies and killed all those inside

Relations to the Chinese government

Boxers were secretly given money by Chinese government


The European nations send in troops to defend their embassies and capture and kill Boxers and forced Chinese to sign new treaty

Result for Chinese government

Forced to give up those involved and persecute whoever the Europeans believed to be involved




3 years

Boxers Real Name

The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists

Boxer Protocol

Forced the Chinese government to pay the equivalent of $6.5billion to the European nations that had lost troops and buildings to the Boxers over a period of 39 years

Effects of Boxer Protocol

Chinese didn't pay off debt until 1940 due to the interest rate of 4% semi-annually

Groups involved

Europeans, Japan, Chinese government, and Society of the Righteous a Harmonious Fists

Boxers were afraid of

China being modernized and colonized

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