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  1. Asia. 1406-1420. Elements of Chinese Architecture: Symmetry, enclosure, horizontal emphasis, and geomancy/feng shui. Made of precious wood and marble. Contained an Inner and Outer Court. Yellow- Royalty. Black- water
  2. Renaissance. Built by Palladio. 100% symmetrical. Beauty of a church brought to a home. Risky because it secularized the Dome.
  3. Renaissance. , dome, lightweight easily supported, efficient construction(cut costs), herringbone, stabilized dome, double shell, gothic=ribbed vaulting, roman=oculus, Renaissance=Lantern at top of dome
  4. Ancient Rome, Also known as the Flavian Ampitheater. 2/3 of a mile in perimeter, 50 levels, designed to entertain the masses. Had the Velarium and Vomitorium

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  1. Triumphal ArchAsia. Built from 1632-1653. Is a Mausoleum for Shah Jahan's favorite wife. Incorporated radial symmetry and surrounded by a moat. Had Persian, Indian, and Islamic characteristics.


  2. Great Wall of ChinaAncient Rome. Designed for War Heroes and decorated with statues and trophies. Built with many vaults stacked behind another


  3. Il GesuLocated in Rome, first Church of the Baroque Era. Begins Baroque Architecture. Influences architecture for the next 200 yrs. No dome establishes it as separate. Paired columns extend on other levels.


  4. San Carlo Alle Quatto FontaineBaroque. Sat on a corner lot. Long interior: L of GLOP. Large columns, deep niches, chairoscuro, and verticality.