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Public Policy

How much should the government regulate things like smoking, fast food, drugs, etc? Whose responsibility is to protect people from health risks?

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The __________ in American restaurants are quite big. (=the amount of food you are given)
A _________ of sleep can cause many health problems. (=not enough)
Americans ___________ a huge amount of soda. (= drink, eat, or use)
will power
I have to use all of my ________ ________ not to eat those donuts. (=the ability to control yourself or do something that you have decided to do, even if this is difficult)
_____________ is a big problem in the U.S. (= the problem of being very very overweight)
Many Americans are ___________. (=very very overweight)
This burger is high in __________. (=units for measuring the amount of energy that food will produce)
He talked about ____________ responsibility (=relating to big companies)
Some people are trying to ___________ the law. (=to refuse to accept that something is right, fair, or legal)
The spokesperson ___________ that company would be closed on national holidays. (=to say that something is definitely true)
Some people think that the law ___________ against smokers. (=to treat a person or group differently from another in an unfair way).
Marijuana has become a big ___________ in the U.S. (=a subject or problem that is often discussed or argued about)
The company has an anti-smoking ___________ (= a way of doing something that has been officially agreed on)
This decision will create a legal ___________ that could affect people in the future. (=an action or official decision that can be used to give support to later actions or decisions).
They gave ___________ drug tests at the company. (= happening or chosen without any definite plan, aim, or pattern)
The company found a new ___________ for a store. (=a place that is important or where something will be built)
What is your legal ___________ (=the official legal position or condition of a person, group, country etc)
Employees must ___________ to drug tests. (=to agree to obey a person, group, set of rules, especially when you have no choice)
Some employees were ___________. (=to officially stop something from continuing, especially for a short time:)
Some people say that the policy is a ___________ of employees' rights. (=an action that breaks a law, agreement, principle etc)
Smoking is ___________ in restaurants. (=to say that an action is illegal or not allowed )
Some people want to ___________ smoking in all public places.(=to say that something must not be done, seen, used)
Alcohol is legal in the U.S. but highly ____________. (= how, who, when, where is controlled by government laws)
There are many ____________ about advertising in the U.S. (rules about how, who, when, where something is done)
Some people want to __________ taxes on fast food to make the prices higher. (force a rule or law on people)
Coca-cola is a large ____________ with many smaller companies in it. (= a very large company)
The sale of alcohol is ____________ to people 21 and over in the U.S. (limited to/only allowed for)
Some people say that companies have a ___________ to protect the public from dangerous substances. (= something that you ought to do because it is morally or socially right; a duty)
Other people say that it is up to the ____________ to decide what they put in their bodies. (= a person, considered separately from the rest of the group or society that they live in)
People have the _________ to vote when they are 18. (= something that you are morally, legally, or officially allowed to do or have)
Many tobacco companies were _________ because they knew about the bad effects of cigarettes but didn't say anything. (= to use the law to get money from someone or some company because they have harmed you in some way)
Some people say that government must _________ the public from dangerous substances. (= to keep someone or something safe from harm, damage, or illness)
public good
Providing free education is a ___________. (= something that benefits all members of society)
Having to wear seat belts is an example of a __________ law. (= laws or policies that are designed to protect the people but also limits their freedom)
If you are a pure __________, you think all drugs should be legalized. (= someone who believes strongly that people should be free to do and think what they want to, without any government control)
Some states have _________ marijuana. = (make some legal)
The government _________ certain freedoms to protect the population. (= to stop someone from doing what they want)
Some people say that gun control laws ___________ upon their basic rights. (= to do something that limits people's freedoms)
The city of Berkeley was the first city in the U.S. to have a soda _________. (=an amount of money that you must pay to the government; can be on your income or on a particular item such as cigarettes, gas, etc)
The _________ of the U.S. is the highest law in the land. It explains the functions of the government and guarantees certain rights to all individuals.
The Supreme Court
____________ recently decided that same-sex marriage is legal. = a group of 9 judges who are appointed for life, decide what is constitutional, and if amendments to the constitution need to be made.
The government ___________ corn farmers. = when the government pays part of its costs to support an industry and/or keep prices low