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Minä, Sinä, Me, Te: is always left out Hän He: is always includet Verbs type 1-6 soittaa juoda suudella kokata tarvita paeta Tenses Used: Perfect Negative Perfect Pluperfect Negative Pluperfect

olen soittanut

I have called

olet soittanut

you have called (sing.)

hän on soittanut

he has called

olemme soittaneet

we have called

olette soittaneet

you have called (pl.)

he ovat soittaneet

they have called

en ole soittanut

I have not called

et ole soittanut

you have not called (sing.)

hän ei ole soittanut

he has not called

emme ole soittaneet

we have not called

ette ole soittaneet

you have not called (pl.)

he eivät ole soittaneet

they have not called

olin soittanut

I had called

olit soittanut

you had called (sing.)

hän oli soittanut

he had called

olimme soittaneet

we had called

olitte soittaneet

you had called (pl.)

he olivat soittaneet

they had called

en ollut soittanut

I had not called

et ollut soittanut

you had not called (sing.)

hän ei ollut soittanut

he had not called

emme olleet soittaneet

we had not called

ette olleet soittaneet

you had not called (pl.)

he eivät olleet soittaneet

they had not called

olen juonut

I have drinked

olet juonut

you have drinked (sing.)

hän on juonut

he has drinked

olemme juoneet

we have drinked

olette juoneet

you have drinked (pl.)

he ovat juoneet

they have drinked

en ole juonut

I have not drinked

et ole juonut

you have not drinked (sing.)

hän ei ole juonut

he has not drinked

emme ole juoneet

we have not drinked

ette ole juoneet

you have not drinked (pl.)

he eivät ole juoneet

they have not drinked

olin juonut

I had drinked

olit juonut

you had drinked (sing.)

hän oli juonut

he had drinked

olimme juoneet

we had drinked

olitte juoneet

you had drinked (pl.)

he olivat juoneet

they had drinked

en ollut juonut

I had not drinked

et ollut juonut

you had not drinked (sing.)

hän ei ollut juonut

he had not drinked

emme olleet juoneet

we had not drinked

ette olleet juoneet

you had not drinked (pl.)

he eivät olleet juoneet

they had not drinked

olen suudellut

I have kissed

olet suudellut

you have kissed (sing.)

hän on suudellut

he has kissed

olemme suudelleet

we have kissed

olette suudelleet

you have kissed (pl.)

he ovat suudelleet

they have kissed

en ole suudellut

I have not kissed

et ole suudellut

you have not kissed (sing.)

hän ei ole suudellut

he has not kissed

emme ole suudelleet

we have not kissed

ette ole suudelleet

you have not kissed (pl.)

he eivät ole suudelleet

they have not kissed

olin suudellut

I had kissed

olit suudellut

you had kissed (sing.)

hän oli suudellut

he had kissed

olimme suudelleet

we had kissed

olitte suudelleet

you had kissed (pl.)

he olivat suudelleet

they had kissed

en ollut suudellut

I had not kissed

et ollut suudellut

you had not kissed (sing.)

hän ei ollut suudellut

he had not kissed

emme olleet suudelleet

we had not kissed

ette olleet suudelleet

you had not kissed (pl.)

he eivät olleet suudelleet

they had not kissed

olen kokannut

I have cooked

olet kokannut

you have cooked (sing.)

hän on kokannut

he has cooked

olemme kokanneet

we have cooked

olette kokanneet

you have cooked (pl.)

he ovat kokanneet

they have cooked

en ole kokannut

I have not cooked

et ole kokannut

you have not cooked (sing.)

hän ei ole kokannut

he has not cooked

emme ole kokanneet

we have not cooked

ette ole kokanneet

you have not cooked (pl.)

he eivät ole kokanneet

they have not cooked

olin kokannut

I had cooked

olit kokannut

you had cooked (sing.)

hän oli kokannut

he had cooked

olimme kokanneet

we had cooked

olitte kokanneet

you had cooked (pl.)

he olivat kokanneet

they had cooked

en ollut kokannut

I had not cooked

et ollut kokannut

you had not cooked (sing.)

hän ei ollut kokannut

he had not cooked

emme olleet kokanneet

we had not cooked

ette olleet kokanneet

you had not cooked (pl.)

he eivät olleet kokanneet

they had not cooked

olen tarvinnut

I have needed

olet tarvinnut

you have needed (sing.)

hän on tarvinnut

he has needed

olemme tarvinneet

we have needed

olette tarvinneet

you have needed (pl.)

he ovat tarvinneet

they have needed

en ole tarvinnut

I have not needed

et ole tarvinnut

you have not needed (sing.)

hän ei ole tarvinnut

he has not needed

emme ole tarvinneet

we have not needed

ette ole tarvinneet

you have not needed (pl.)

he eivät ole tarvinneet

they have not needed

olin tarvinnut

I had needed

olit tarvinnut

you had needed (sing.)

hän oli tarvinnut

he had needed

olimme tarvinneet

we had needed

olitte tarvinneet

you had needed (pl.)

he olivat tarvinneet

they had needed

en ollut tarvinnut

I had not needed

et ollut tarvinnut

you had not needed (sing.)

hän ei ollut tarvinnut

he had not needed

emme olleet tarvinneet

we had not needed

ette olleet tarvinneet

you had not needed (pl.)

he eivät olleet tarvinneet

they had not needed

olen paennut

I have fled

olet paennut

you have fled (sing.)

hän on paennut

he has fled

olemme paenneet

we have fled

olette paenneet

you have fled (pl.)

he ovat paenneet

they have fled

en ole paennut

I have not fled

et ole paennut

you have not fled (sing.)

hän ei ole paennut

he has not fled

emme ole paenneet

we have not fled

ette ole paenneet

you have not fled (pl.)

he eivät ole paenneet

they have not fled

olin paennut

I had fled

olit paennut

you had fled (sing.)

hän oli paennut

he had fled

olimme paenneet

we had fled

olitte paenneet

you had fled (pl.)

he olivat paenneet

they had fled

en ollut paennut

I had not fled

et ollut paennut

you had not fled (sing.)

hän ei ollut paennut

he had not fled

emme olleet paenneet

we had not fled

ette olleet paenneet

you had not fled (pl.)

he eivät olleet paenneet

they had not fled

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