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(E) Master: Finnish Grammar Perfect & Pluperfect, Positive, Negative

Minä, Sinä, Me, Te: is always left out Hän He: is always includet Verbs type 1-6 soittaa juoda suudella kokata tarvita paeta Tenses Used: Perfect Negative Perfect Pluperfect Negative Pluperfect
olen soittanut
I have called
olet soittanut
you have called (sing.)
hän on soittanut
he has called
olemme soittaneet
we have called
olette soittaneet
you have called (pl.)
he ovat soittaneet
they have called
en ole soittanut
I have not called
et ole soittanut
you have not called (sing.)
hän ei ole soittanut
he has not called
emme ole soittaneet
we have not called
ette ole soittaneet
you have not called (pl.)
he eivät ole soittaneet
they have not called
olin soittanut
I had called
olit soittanut
you had called (sing.)
hän oli soittanut
he had called
olimme soittaneet
we had called
olitte soittaneet
you had called (pl.)
he olivat soittaneet
they had called
en ollut soittanut
I had not called
et ollut soittanut
you had not called (sing.)
hän ei ollut soittanut
he had not called
emme olleet soittaneet
we had not called
ette olleet soittaneet
you had not called (pl.)
he eivät olleet soittaneet
they had not called
olen juonut
I have drinked
olet juonut
you have drinked (sing.)
hän on juonut
he has drinked
olemme juoneet
we have drinked
olette juoneet
you have drinked (pl.)
he ovat juoneet
they have drinked
en ole juonut
I have not drinked
et ole juonut
you have not drinked (sing.)
hän ei ole juonut
he has not drinked
emme ole juoneet
we have not drinked
ette ole juoneet
you have not drinked (pl.)
he eivät ole juoneet
they have not drinked
olin juonut
I had drinked
olit juonut
you had drinked (sing.)
hän oli juonut
he had drinked
olimme juoneet
we had drinked
olitte juoneet
you had drinked (pl.)
he olivat juoneet
they had drinked
en ollut juonut
I had not drinked
et ollut juonut
you had not drinked (sing.)
hän ei ollut juonut
he had not drinked
emme olleet juoneet
we had not drinked
ette olleet juoneet
you had not drinked (pl.)
he eivät olleet juoneet
they had not drinked
olen suudellut
I have kissed
olet suudellut
you have kissed (sing.)
hän on suudellut
he has kissed
olemme suudelleet
we have kissed
olette suudelleet
you have kissed (pl.)
he ovat suudelleet
they have kissed
en ole suudellut
I have not kissed
et ole suudellut
you have not kissed (sing.)
hän ei ole suudellut
he has not kissed
emme ole suudelleet
we have not kissed
ette ole suudelleet
you have not kissed (pl.)
he eivät ole suudelleet
they have not kissed
olin suudellut
I had kissed
olit suudellut
you had kissed (sing.)
hän oli suudellut
he had kissed
olimme suudelleet
we had kissed
olitte suudelleet
you had kissed (pl.)
he olivat suudelleet
they had kissed
en ollut suudellut
I had not kissed
et ollut suudellut
you had not kissed (sing.)
hän ei ollut suudellut
he had not kissed
emme olleet suudelleet
we had not kissed
ette olleet suudelleet
you had not kissed (pl.)
he eivät olleet suudelleet
they had not kissed
olen kokannut
I have cooked
olet kokannut
you have cooked (sing.)
hän on kokannut
he has cooked
olemme kokanneet
we have cooked
olette kokanneet
you have cooked (pl.)
he ovat kokanneet
they have cooked
en ole kokannut
I have not cooked
et ole kokannut
you have not cooked (sing.)
hän ei ole kokannut
he has not cooked
emme ole kokanneet
we have not cooked
ette ole kokanneet
you have not cooked (pl.)
he eivät ole kokanneet
they have not cooked
olin kokannut
I had cooked
olit kokannut
you had cooked (sing.)
hän oli kokannut
he had cooked
olimme kokanneet
we had cooked
olitte kokanneet
you had cooked (pl.)
he olivat kokanneet
they had cooked
en ollut kokannut
I had not cooked
et ollut kokannut
you had not cooked (sing.)
hän ei ollut kokannut
he had not cooked
emme olleet kokanneet
we had not cooked
ette olleet kokanneet
you had not cooked (pl.)
he eivät olleet kokanneet
they had not cooked
olen tarvinnut
I have needed
olet tarvinnut
you have needed (sing.)
hän on tarvinnut
he has needed
olemme tarvinneet
we have needed
olette tarvinneet
you have needed (pl.)
he ovat tarvinneet
they have needed
en ole tarvinnut
I have not needed
et ole tarvinnut
you have not needed (sing.)
hän ei ole tarvinnut
he has not needed
emme ole tarvinneet
we have not needed
ette ole tarvinneet
you have not needed (pl.)
he eivät ole tarvinneet
they have not needed
olin tarvinnut
I had needed
olit tarvinnut
you had needed (sing.)
hän oli tarvinnut
he had needed
olimme tarvinneet
we had needed
olitte tarvinneet
you had needed (pl.)
he olivat tarvinneet
they had needed
en ollut tarvinnut
I had not needed
et ollut tarvinnut
you had not needed (sing.)
hän ei ollut tarvinnut
he had not needed
emme olleet tarvinneet
we had not needed
ette olleet tarvinneet
you had not needed (pl.)
he eivät olleet tarvinneet
they had not needed
olen paennut
I have fled
olet paennut
you have fled (sing.)
hän on paennut
he has fled
olemme paenneet
we have fled
olette paenneet
you have fled (pl.)
he ovat paenneet
they have fled
en ole paennut
I have not fled
et ole paennut
you have not fled (sing.)
hän ei ole paennut
he has not fled
emme ole paenneet
we have not fled
ette ole paenneet
you have not fled (pl.)
he eivät ole paenneet
they have not fled
olin paennut
I had fled
olit paennut
you had fled (sing.)
hän oli paennut
he had fled
olimme paenneet
we had fled
olitte paenneet
you had fled (pl.)
he olivat paenneet
they had fled
en ollut paennut
I had not fled
et ollut paennut
you had not fled (sing.)
hän ei ollut paennut
he had not fled
emme olleet paenneet
we had not fled
ette olleet paenneet
you had not fled (pl.)
he eivät olleet paenneet
they had not fled