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dissolve bone, put calcium into the blood


build bone, remove calcium and phosphates from the blood


mature cells find within compact bone, strengthens bone




end of bone (red marrow)

medullary cavity

yellow marrow

epiphyseal plate

between diaphysis and epiphysis (growth plate)

axial skeleton

head, neck, torso

appendicular skeleton


functions of bones

support, movement, protection, mineral storage, blood cell synthesis (hematopoiesis)

bone growth

1. cartilage cells grow
2. periosteum forms (cartilage decomposes)
3. blood vessels invade and osteoblasts build spongy, then compact bone
4. osteoblasts become osteocytes when bony matrix surrounds them
5. epiphyseal plate remains btw. diaphysis and epiphysis, and epiphysis begins to ossify


growth hormone deficiency


abnormally large growth plate


thinning of bones


softening of bone tissue

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