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Social Studies "The Road of Revolution"

Mr.Goodman hasn't gone through all the notes yet, but I decided to make a quizlet with the notes i have. Sorry...
British established colonies on east coast on North America starting in the early.....
America expected to support the mother country with raw materials is a part of....
They passed the Navigational Acts to...
control (restrict) colonial trade
The end of the French and Indian War means french is....
kicked out of North America
Britain goes deeply in deep because of the....
French and Indian War (american's gain experience from fighting in it)
The Royal Proclamation of 1763 is.....
where the British reserved land west of the appalchian mountains to the native americans (because they helped fight the war) (was mainly because they wanted to keep peace with the native americans)
The Royal Proclamation of 1763 made it so that....
the Americans could not move west and americans that lived in the west had to leave
Why did the royal Proclamation of 1763 upset americans? how did they react?
Americans were upset because the helped win that land. The ignored the laws. (it was poorly enforced)
The Stamp Act (1765) taxes....
Paper goods. (legal documents, playing cards, newspapers etc)
Americans protested the Stamp Act because it was.....
No Taxation without Representation!
Ways americans protested violently...
tarring and feathering, hanging dummies of tax collectors called effigy's
Ways americans protested nonviolently...
petition, boycotts, letters
The Stamp Act was Repealed in....
The Stamp Act was started in.....
The king of England during the revolution was....
King George the third
Prime Minister of England during the revolution was....
George Grenville
Parliament is....
Britain's Legislature
The townshend acts taxed....
Household items (tea, paper, lead, glass)
The Boston Massacre is when...
Americans mob harasses the soldiers and one British soldier fired which caused them all to fire (some americans were killed)
Who was the British soldiers lawyer for the murder of the Boston Massacre?
John Adams
John Adams wanted to be the lawyer for the british soldiers because....
he wanted to prove that the American trials were fair to all.
American patriots "spin" which event and say it was an example of British Tyranny?
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre was when???
March 5, 1770
The Boston Tea Party was when???
The Tea Act gave ........................... monopoly on American tea trade.
British East India Tea company
The Boston Tea Party was organized by the....
Sons of Liberty
The Boston Tea Party was where the.....
patriots dressed up as Indians and boarded three British tea ships and dumped 342 chests of tea overboard
The Boston Tea Party dumped tea from which three ships?
Dartmouth, Eleanor, Beaver
Intoletable Acts were known in Britain as the....
Coercive Acts
The purpose of the Intolerable Acts were to.....
punish Boston for the Boston Tea Party
The four Intolerable Acts were...
The Port Act, The Quartering Act, The Massachusetts Gov Act, The Administration of Justice Act
Describe the Port Act:
it shut down Boston Harbor until the dumped tea was paid for
Describe the Quartering Act:
allowed British troops to station in people's houses
Described the Massachusetts Government Act:
limited town meetings to once a year, most postitions in colonial gov were appointed by the king (not elected by the people as they were before)
Describe the Administration of Justice Act:
royal officials accused of a crime would be tried in England not Massachusetts (Americans were upset because they felt England would be subjective in deciding)
Other colonies were deeply troubled by how Britain was treating Boston with the....
Intolerable Acts
The First Continental Congress was where delegates.....
from 12 of the 13 colonies meet in Philadelphia to discuss and take action
The First Continental Congress was the first time....
the colonies unite (in a limited way) to take action
The First Continental Congress key decisions and actions include....
sending food to boston, raise militias in each colony, store up arms (just in case), boycott british goods, send petitions to king (if the british do not repeal the intolerable acts they will meet the following year)
The british soldiers goal before The Battle of Lexington and Concord was to...
confiscate rebel arms and arrest John Hancok and Sam Adams
what does paul revere do?
he warns the militia that the "british are coming"
On way to Concord, British meet a ...... group of American ....... in Lexington
Small, Militia
Who fired the first shot in Lexington and Concord?
idk. (lol)
What battle was known as the Shot Heard Around the World?
Battle of Lexington and Concord
Describe Guerilla attacks?
when an army hides, shoots, and runs
What did the British tell the American militia in Lexington?
Disperse ye rebels!
The battle of bunker hill was in....
June 17, 1775
The Battle of Bunker hill is considered the ..... battle of the Revoltution
Nearly one third of the British army is killed in what battle?
The battle of Bunker Hill
Who is Benedict Arnold?
he was a general during the revolutionary war but switched sides to the British and led them to there camps and was captured by the americans
True or False: The Invasion of Canada was successful