Late Colonial Terms


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Tidewater Region
The Coastal Plains. Many die from illness due to environmental factors, those who survive become wealthy. Many ports. "Coastal Aristocracy".
Piedmont Region
"Foot of the mountain". Settled by later arrivals who get less land. More poverty.
Bacon's Rebellion of 1676
Indentured servants rebel, burning Jamestown to the ground. This increases the need of African slaves and essentially ends Indentured Servitude.
King Philip's War/Rebellion of 1676
The last attempt by natives to hold onto land. They are slaughtered and driven off their land, and their leader Metacom's head is placed on a spike.
Triangular Trade
Trade of slaves, sugar, and rum between the old and new worlds.
Middle Passage
The leg of the triangle where 13-15 million slaves are brought to the Americas. Only 1/35 make it to the North American colonies.
Financial system in which the colonies benefit the Mother Country.
Navigation Acts
Limit the colonies to trade only with England.
Confederation of New England
A voluntary union formed to protect all New England colonies (except for Rhode Island) from Frenchmen and natives.
Dominion of New England
The king attempts to unite the New England colonies and sends Edmond Andros to collect the charters. CT hides their charter and the king is overthrown, Andros is stranded and leaves disguised as a woman.
Salutary Neglect
Failure to enforce the navigation acts leads to a greater sense of independence among colonists.
English Civil War of 1640-60
Internal conflict in England takes attention away from the colonies.
Glorious Revolution
A peaceful overthrow of the British king that leads to salutary neglect.
Halfway Covenant
A watered-down religious group in Mass, Bay.
First Great Awakening
An emotional movement using fear, pity and guilt to bring back religion. New Light Ministers include slaves and women.
Salem Witch Trials
The burning or hanging of those who are thought to be witches.
Phyllis Wheatly
A black woman who was enslaved by a family who gave her education and encouraged her to write. She became a published black female poet.
Ben Franklin
An Enlightenment thinker who invents many products and holds a strong political importance.