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  1. Aspergillosis
  2. Staph intoxication
  3. C. jejuni
  4. Toxin A
  5. Animal prion disease
  1. a in flora of nose, staph aureus (no spores), heat resistant, high osmotic resistance, high salt concentration
  2. b mold- Aspergillus flavus- corn and peanuts- produces aflatoxin- causes hepatitus, immunosupression, and helptocellular carcinoma- abcess in GI tract- systemic
  3. c most virulent- death if food is even tasted-60-70% mortality- CA, WA, CO, OR, NM
  4. d Bovine spongiform ecephalopathy: madcow- chronic wasting disease, scrapie, feline SE, ungulate SE
  5. e leading cause of diarrhea in US

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  1. biofilm
  2. produces enterotoxins
  3. toxoplaso gondii- cat- uncooked milk, water, fecal-oral, mother 2 fetus, organ transplant
  4. Necrosis- blood supply interrupted-> ischemia- enzymes from dying tissue further destroy surrounding tissue- surgery, antibiotic,
  5. increase in lymphocytes, monocytes, and proteins.CSF remains clear

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  1. Bloodborne Infectious diseasecontain blood or fluids


  2. arachnoidmiddle


  3. What meds are used to treat pin wormsmebendazole or pyrantal pamoate


  4. Conjunctivitispinkeye- inflammation of transparent membrane that lines eyelid and eyeball- redness, itchy, roughness, discharge, teary


  5. 20% of bacteria iscamplybacter jejuni- C. fetus & C. coli- vibroid or helical- gram neg- motile- microerophilles- raw poultry- raw milk, nonchlorinated water


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