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  1. salmonellosis
  2. bacterial intoxication
  3. Paralytic Poliomyelitis
  4. Organisms that cause Systemic mycoses
  5. botulism
  1. a salmonella- enterobacteriacae family- faculative anerobe, rod, gram-neg, non sporing-typhoid fever, food born illness- diarrhea, fever, cramps- contaminated or uncooked food.5-7 days
  2. b toxins produced by bacteria
  3. c 1%- enters CNS- muscle paralysis-> death
  4. d histoplasmosis capsulatum, Penicilliosis marneffei, Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, Coccidioides immitis
  5. e clostridium botulinum- NEURO TOXIN- Foodborne, infant, wound, and inhalation

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  1. + sense, ssRNA group iv- winter animals, and malaise 5 days
  2. membrane around heart- bacteria, virus and rarely fungi= pericarditis
  3. viseral= fatal form, cutaneus= common form, sore at bite site; diffuse cutaneous= skin lesions; mucocutaneous= skin ulcers that spread and damage nose and mouth tissue
  4. antibody-containing serum
  5. bat

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  1. Circulatorycardiovascular: heart, blood and blood vessels and lymphatic: lymph, lymphatic tissue, vessels and organs- returns excess tissue fluid to cardiovascular system (direct acess)


  2. Entameoba histolytica (Amebiosis)camplybacter jejuni- C. fetus & C. coli- vibroid or helical- gram neg- motile- microerophilles- raw poultry- raw milk, nonchlorinated water


  3. MalariaYersinia pestis- bubonic- swelling in lymph nodes, spetic


  4. Enterococcus faecalisduodenum


  5. BotulismC.botulism, gram +, anaerobic, spore forming rod. produces neurotoxin- 7 serotypes A-G-A,B,E,F= human


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