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  1. Viral meningitis
  2. Taenia solium
  3. Taenia sagmata
  4. Rheumatic fever
  5. Caries=
  1. a Group A strep- inflammatory- heart, joints, brain, spinal cord, skin- longterm antibiotics- antiinflammatory
  2. b cavities
  3. c pig
  4. d bat
  5. e aseptic meningitis- mosquitos- no treatment, runs course-bulging of fontanel in infants

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  1. most common- streptococcus pneumoniae- gram +, encapsulated faculative anaerobic diplcoccus- 90 serotypes- vaccine for high risk- immune response against capsular serotype
  2. strep. pneumoniae, H.influenza, s. aureus, H.spp
  3. enlarged spleen, fever, chills
  4. enteric rods and bacteroides
  5. west nile- Africa, Asia- rash, headache, fever, diarrhea

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  1. Transmission of botulismToxin enters body, toxin binds to nerve endings @ neuromuscluar junction- stops release ACH, inhibits- fOODBORNE, infant, wound, inhalation


  2. Treatment of bacterial meningitisRibavirun


  3. meningioencephalltisinflammation of gums


  4. listeria in pregnancymicrophages hiding from immune system can cross placenta-early onset:infected during pregnancy- late onset: infect during childbirth- treated w/ antibiotics


  5. blood-brain barrierouter