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  1. yersiniosis
  2. illieum
  3. Uncomplicated malaria
  4. WEE
  5. listeriosis
  1. a Listeria monocytogenes, gram +, non sporing rod, fac. anaerobic intracellular-can spread to CNS- spread to circulatory-11-70 days-20-30 % mortality
  2. b can be fatal- high fever, headache, drowsy, irritable, nausea, vomit, confusion and coma-
  3. c enteric rods and bacteroides
  4. d yersinia enterocolitica- gram-neg, fac-anaerobic, rod
  5. e enlarged spleen, fever, chills

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  1. mucous membranes, bed sores
  2. immunocompromised- head ache, vomit, photophobia, blurry vision, stiff neck, seizure, confusion, coma
  3. mebendazole or pyrantal pamoate
  4. easter equine enceph.-human, horse, bird
  5. camplybacter jejuni- C. fetus & C. coli- vibroid or helical- gram neg- motile- microerophilles- raw poultry- raw milk, nonchlorinated water

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  1. enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC)no toxins- shigells


  2. Stage 3 lyme diseaseBovine spongiform ecephalopathy: madcow- chronic wasting disease, scrapie, feline SE, ungulate SE


  3. Most common cause of bacterial meningitis1-2 days incub.- initial symp- nausea, vomit, stiff neck, fever headache-secondary: confusion, sleepiness, light sensitive, coma- less common, more severe.


  4. PEP- rabies treatmentmembrane around heart- bacteria, virus and rarely fungi= pericarditis


  5. Vectortransmitted