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  1. piamater
  2. meningioencephalltis
  3. Botulism
  4. Mycocardium
  5. gingivitis
  1. a inner
  2. b viral infections in heart muscle= myocarditis
  3. c inflammation of gums
  4. d C.botulism, gram +, anaerobic, spore forming rod. produces neurotoxin- 7 serotypes A-G-A,B,E,F= human
  5. e brain and meninges

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  1. rapid increase in granulocytes and proteins- CSF becomes trubid
  2. undulant fever- gram neg aerobic coccobacilli- flulike- can spread person to person if breastfeeding
  3. tapeworm infection
  4. St Louis Enceph- Flavivirus- aseptic meningitis or encephalitis
  5. toxoplaso gondii- cat- uncooked milk, water, fecal-oral, mother 2 fetus, organ transplant

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  1. botulismclostridium botulinum- NEURO TOXIN- Foodborne, infant, wound, and inhalation


  2. Trypanosomiasistapeworm infection


  3. GiardiosisGiardialamblia or G. intestinalis- greasy stools, flatuence, cramps, nausea- 1-2 weeks after infection, last 2-6 weeks


  4. P. falciparummembrane around heart- bacteria, virus and rarely fungi= pericarditis


  5. Ascariasistapeworm infection


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