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  1. cholera
  2. E. coli and Kleibsiella normally causes meningitis due to?
  3. Periodontal disease can lead to?
  4. enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC)
  5. WEE
  1. a vibrio cholerae- watery diarrhea, vomit, leg cramps- gram neg- fac anaerobe- vibroid or rod- chloratoxin and enterotoxin
  2. b decay, toothloss and systemic infection
  3. c head injury, brain or spinal injury, sepsis, or nonsocomial infection
  4. d produces enterotoxins
  5. e can be fatal- high fever, headache, drowsy, irritable, nausea, vomit, confusion and coma-

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  1. middle
  2. Post exposure propilaxis- 5 doses over 28 days
  3. CMV- human herpes 5- infects monocytes, neutrophils, T-lymphocytes- body 2 body contact- no treatment
  4. leading cause of diarrhea in US
  5. Clostridium in marine sediments- seafood- Pacific NW, Alaska and great lakes.

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  1. Listeria meningitisaseptic meningitis- mosquitos- no treatment, runs course-bulging of fontanel in infants


  2. enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC)diarrhea- produce toxins- fimbrae


  3. Multibacilliaryrabbit fever- francisella tularensis- gram neg bacillus- blood & lymph, no person 2 person, skin abrasion, can lead to sepsis


  4. Balantidium colitissue lining heart chambers


  5. most common cause of foodborne illnessbacteria and toxins