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  1. Variant-Creutzfeld Jacob (VCJD)
  2. Myocarditis
  3. Gas gangrene
  4. Brucellosis
  5. Toxin B
  1. a Europe and E. US - 25% mortality
  2. b affects younger age- 29 yrs- foodborne by cattle (mad cow)
  3. c undulant fever- gram neg aerobic coccobacilli- flulike- can spread person to person if breastfeeding
  4. d gas in infected tissue
  5. e viral or parasite- causes heart failure- chest pain, arrythmias, leg swelling

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  1. toxins produced by bacteria
  2. by competing with pathogens
  3. pathogen enters gi tract, adheres and multiplies
  4. used to be most common cause of bact. meningitis
  5. increase in lymphocytes, monocytes, and proteins.CSF remains clear

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  1. botulismfungus- claviceps purpures- produces alkaloids- hallucinations, GI upset, gangrene, st anthonys fire (pain in limbs)


  2. cephalic tetanusrare, C.tetani in middle ear, head injury- cranial nerves


  3. Animal prion diseaseBovine spongiform ecephalopathy: madcow- chronic wasting disease, scrapie, feline SE, ungulate SE


  4. Treatment for AdenaviridaeRibavirun


  5. bacterial meningitistoxins produced by bacteria