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  1. Periodontal disease can lead to?
  2. Toxin A
  3. Pericarditis
  4. botulism
  5. Taeniasis
  1. a viral, bacteria or fungi- chest pain, ankle/foot sweliing, dry cough, can't breath lying down, fever
  2. b clostridium botulinum- NEURO TOXIN- Foodborne, infant, wound, and inhalation
  3. c tapeworm infection
  4. d decay, toothloss and systemic infection
  5. e most virulent- death if food is even tasted-60-70% mortality- CA, WA, CO, OR, NM

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  1. 12 pairs of cranial nerves, 31 pairs of spinal nerves, ganglia, sensory receptors
  2. distal limbs, ischemia, artenosclerosis
  3. bacteria to lungs
  4. pinkeye- inflammation of transparent membrane that lines eyelid and eyeball- redness, itchy, roughness, discharge, teary
  5. bat

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  1. choleravibrio cholerae- watery diarrhea, vomit, leg cramps- gram neg- fac anaerobe- vibroid or rod- chloratoxin and enterotoxin


  2. endemic (murine) typhusis viral infection


  3. Cerebrospinal fluidBorrelia recurrentis- lice and tickstickborne= ornithodross tick= endemicLouseborn=human body louse=epidemic


  4. SLEBrain and spinal cord


  5. Meningococcal meningitisNeisseria meningitis- gram neg aerobic diplococcus- 5 serotypes: A,B,C,Y,W