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What are the qualifications for president and vice president?
natural born U.S. citizen, 35 years old, lives in the U.S. for 14 years
Who removes the president from office? (Where are impeachment trials held?)
How much does the president make?
$400,000/annually (per year)
What are the three Federal courts we discussed in class?
District, Appeals, and Supreme
Who approves treaties created by the president? This is an example of what?
Senate; checks and balances
Who was the main author of the Bill of Rights?
James Madison
How many electoral votes does a person need to be elected president?
Which amendments are considered reconstruction amendments and why are they called that?
13th, 14th, and 15th - They were passed during Reconstruction - After the Civil War, when U.S. government readmitted the Confederate states to the Union and began the process to rebuild the country.
What is the most common way to amend the constitution?
2/3 of Congress proposes the amendment and 3/4 of state legislatures ratify (approve) it
During the Constitutional Convention, what was the decision to have two houses in Congress called?
The Great Compromise
What decision was made about slavery at the Constitutional Convention?
The 3/5 Compromise - 3/5 of slaves would be counted to determine representation
What are the qualifications for a representative?
25 years old, U.S. citizen for 7 years, lives in the state elected in
What is the elastic clause? (what is another name for it)
necessary and proper clause
How does the Executive Branch check the Legislative Branch?
veto laws
What are the four things Congress is allowed to do?
make laws, collect taxes, declare war, coin money
What are the 5 freedoms granted in the first amendment?
speech, religion, press, assembly, petition
What are the three branches of government and what are their jobs (what do they do with laws)?
Executive branch - enforces the laws; Legislative branch - makes the laws; Judicial branch interprets the laws
How many states had to ratify the Constitution before it became the new government for America?
What did several states demand before they would ratify the Constitution?
Bill of Rights
Who presides over Presidential impeachment trials?
Chief Justice
If there is no winner in a presidential election, who picks the president?
Congress - The House of Representatives
In order to pass a bill Congress must have what?
majority vote
Which department in the president's cabinet deals with foreign affairs?
The State Department
How many members are there in the House of Representatives?
How many Supreme Court Justices must agree when handing down a decision?
How long does a bill have to sit on the President's desk before it becomes law without his signature?
10 days
How does the Legislative Branch check the Executive Branch?
Can override a presidential veto with a 2/3 vote
Can impeach (remove for wrong-doing)
What was America's government called before the Constitution?
The Articles of Confederation
Where was the Constitutional Convention held?
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Who was president of the Constitutional Convention?
George Washington
Who is the current Speaker of the House?
John Boehner
Who is the current Secretary of State?
John Kerry
Who is the presiding officer of the Senate?
Vice President Joe Biden
When was the Constitution written?
What is the group of advisors to the President called?
The Cabinet
How many members of the House of Representatives does Illinois have?
How many total amendments to the Constitution have there been?
Which is the only amendment to have been repealed?
How long is a senator's term?
6 years
How long is a representative's term?
2 years
What is another name for the Legislative Branch?
Who is the representative from the 18th congressional district? (that is your district)
Aaron Schock (R)
What are the first ten amendments to the constitution called?
The Bill of Rights
How many terms can a president serve and which amendment declares this?
2 terms - 22nd Amendment
What was the plan from the Constitutional Convention that benefited the large states called?
The Virginia Plan
How many total votes are there in the Electoral College?
Why was the Constitutional Convention held?
To revise the Articles of Confederation
What is the line of succession? Which amendment describes this?
Vice President - Speaker of the House - Senate President pro tempore (for the time being) - Secretary of State; 25th Amendment
Who are your two senators?
Dick Durbin (D) and Mark Kirk (R)
What part of Congress impeaches the President?
The House of Representatives
What are the qualifications to be a senator?
30 years old, U.S. citizen for 9 years, lives in the state elected in
How do senators get their jobs?
They are directly elected by the people - 17th Amendment
Where do Revenue bills originate?
The House of Representatives
The Constitution requires that a census be taken every how many years?
What does the Preamble contain?
purpose and goals of government
What type of law is Congress NOT allowed to pass?
ex post facto (after the fact) law
How does Congress override a president's veto?
2/3 vote in both houses
How many senators does each state have?
What is the system known for balancing power between all three branches of government?
Checks and balances
Where do bills originate? (other than revenue bills)
In either house of Congress
How old do you have to be to vote?
Name the current President and Vice President of the United States.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden
How do Supreme Court justices get their job?
They are appointed by the president