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  1. Resilience
  2. Identity vs. Identity confusion
  3. Preoperational stage
  4. Preferential looking
  5. Identity vs. Identity Confusion
  1. a A research technique that involves giving an infant a choice of what object to look at.
  2. b Which socioemotional development stages occurs in adolescence?
  3. c Erickson's fifth psychological stage, in which adolescents face the challenge of finding out who they are, what they are all about, and where they are going in life.
  4. d A person's ability to recover from or adapt to difficult times.
  5. e Piage's second stage of cognitive development, lasting from about 2-7 years of age, during which thought is more symbolic than sensorimotor thought.

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  1. A parenting style that encourages the child to be independent but that still places limits and controls on behavior.
  2. The pattern of continuity and change in human capabilities that occurs throughout life, involving both growth and decline.
  3. An infant born between 38 and 42 weeks after conception is considered
  4. zygote
  5. Which theorist is most closely associated with the theory of cognitive development?

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  1. The amygala and the prefrontal cortexDuring adolescence there are changes in the structure of the brain. Changes in which of the following brain structures are thought to be partially responsible for adolescent behavior?


  2. Ages 1 and a half- 3Many people feel that only girls should play with dolls. This is an example of____


  3. Permissive parentingA parenting style characterized by the placement of few limits on the child's behavior.


  4. Cellular-clock theoryWhich theory of aging states that our cells can only divide about 100 times, which is why humans can only live to about 120?


  5. Two monthsIn the development of a human when does the fetal period start?