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  1. Infant attachment
  2. A fertilized egg
  3. Permissive parenting
  4. Authoritative
  5. Androgen
  1. a Which parenting style is generally associated with the best child outcomes?
  2. b zygote
  3. c The main class of male sex hormones
  4. d The close emotional bond between an infant and its caregiver.
  5. e A parenting style characterized by the placement of few limits on the child's behavior.

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  1. Erickson's last stage of development involves
  2. During what ages does the concrete operational stage occur?
  3. A period of rapid skeletal and sexual maturation that occurs mainly in early adolescence.
  4. A restrictive, punitive style in which the parenst exhorts the child to follow the parent's directions and to value hard work and effort.
  5. The ways that infants use their caregiver, usually their mother, as a secure base from which to explore the environment.

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  1. The monkeys preferred the cloth mother, even when the wire mother provided food.Harry Harlow studied monkeys who were raised with 2 "mothers," one make of wire and one of terry cloth. What did he find?


  2. reflexThe new born infant's grasping is an example of


  3. ResilienceA person's ability to recover from or adapt to difficult times.


  4. Preoperational stagePiage's second stage of cognitive development, lasting from about 2-7 years of age, during which thought is more symbolic than sensorimotor thought.


  5. Ages 1 and a half- 3Erikson's stage of Autonomy vs. Shame occurs during which ages


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