Junior English - Oral Tradition

Background material about the characters, setting, and dramatic situation with which the author introduces the essentials of the story to the reader
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Language that creates a concrete representation of an object or an experienceimageryName some characteristics of Folk Talesusually universal, truth or values related to people/actionsMake sure you know the plot structure1. exposition 2. rising action 3. climax 4. falling action 5. resolutionName some characteristics of Tall Tales- main character is super human, larger than life figure with a specific job - exaggerated details - problem solved in humorous way - dialectMother Goose - 1697 publication earned him immediate fame and fortuneCharles PerraultMoment when the action comes to its highest point of dramatic conflict.climaxName some writings of Charles Perrault- Little Red Riding Hood - Blue Beard - Cinderella - Sleeping BeautyName some characteristics of fables- brief - main characters are animals - character displays faults - ending = the moral is statedOne example is the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry treelegendOne who does change during the course of the storydynamic characterPart of the story, including the exposition, in which the tension rises. Rising action builds to its highest point at the story's climaxrising actionOne who does not change during the course of the storystatic characterThe passing of stories poems, and songs by word of mouthoral traditionOne who exhibits a single dominant qualityflat characterProduced by a culture as a way of explaining objects or events in naturemythone who exhibits the complexity of traits associated with human beingsround characterReligious songs from the African-American folk traditionspiritualsPart of a story, following the climax and leading to the resolution, in which there is a sharp decline in dramatic tensionfalling actionStories that may contain elements of fantasy, but are generally based on real events or peoplelegenda story with unbelievable elements, related as if it were true and factual. Some stories are exaggerations of actual eventsTall TalesThe writers conscious reuse of a sound, word, phrase, sentence, or other elementrepetition