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Education Issues

What is your educational plan? Where do you want to study? What major are you interested in? Why? How is the educational system in the U.S. similar to your the system in your country? How is it different? What parts of high school did you like? What parts did you dislike? What subjects or topics are you most interested in? Why do you think so many international students come to the U.S. to study? How do you think testing can affect students? How do you think grades can affect students? Wha…

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secondary school
He is a ________ teacher. = a school for children between the ages of 11 and 16 or 18; i.e .middle school and high school (2 words)
higher education
She works in _______. = college or university education as opposed to school or high school (2 words)
She wants to _______ in literature. = to study something as your main subject in college
His daughter goes to a _______ school. = a school in the US that is run by parents, companies etc rather than by the public school system, but which the state government supports
She wants to _______ a degree in psychology. = try to achieve something over a long period of time
Students can get suspended for poor _______ in high school. = the way someone behaves, especially in public
The ________ at private universities has gone up dramatically in recent years. = money you pay to go to a school or university.
Her ______ degree is in history. = a first degree that one gets after four years of study.
She has a ______ degree in teaching. = a second degree that one gets by specializing in a subject and studying for one or two years after getting a bachelor's degree.
She is in a ______ program. = a university degree of a very high level, which involves doing advanced research
She had to submit her high school ______. = an official paper that lists the classes and grades of a student.
She is applying to ______ school. = studying for a Master's degree or PhD
That college only offers _______ degrees. = the first degree given after two or four years of study.
She has a very high _______. = an acronym that stands for "Grade Point Average."
The SAT and TOEFL are _________ tests that students take to get into college. =
It is hard for many students to _______ their education. = to get the money to pay for something
She was _______. = to be taught at home by a parent or with a small group of friends outside of the school system
entrance exam
Students in Asian countries usually have to take an ________ to get into university. = a test that you must pass in order to go to a school. (2 words)
Students need to _______ for classes by next week. = to officially choose or sign up for something.
Professors usually ______ a lot of reading in American universities. = to tell students the work they must do.
Students often _____ their professors on websites. = to say how good someone or something is
It is illegal to ________ against students because of race, gender, etc. = to treat a person or group differently from another in an unfair way
= the study of the mind and how it influences people's behaviour
women's studies
= the study of the history, culture, power, etc of women in society (2 words)
interior design
= the study of how to plan and choose the colors, materials, furniture etc for the inside of buildings, especially people's houses (2 words)
= the scientific study of people, their societies, cultures etc; usually focuses on describing different cultures from the past and present such as art, family, traditions, etc.
= the scientific study of societies and the behaviour of people in groups; i.e. how societies work, who you are in society, how societies change, etc. Often uses statistics and data
political science
= the study of power and government (2 words)
= the study of the way in which money and goods are produced and used
= the study of the nature and meaning of existence, truth, good and evil, etc
= the study of language in general and of particular languages, their structure, grammar, and history
= the science concerned with the study of physical objects and substances, and of natural forces such as light, heat, and movement
= the science that is concerned with studying the structure of substances and the way that they change or combine with each other
= the study of how to design and build roads, bridges, machines etc
= the study of the countries, oceans, rivers, mountains, cities etc of the world
= the study of living things
= the study of how the qualities of living things are passed on in their genes: study of DNA
= the study of planning and designing buildings
= the scientific study of the stars and planets
= the job or activity of writing news reports for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio
environmental studies
= the study of things concerning or affecting the air, land, or water on Earth (2 words)
Political science is an _______ major. = involving ideas, information, or people from different subjects or areas of study
She is an expert in the _______ of social psychology. = a subject that people study or an area of activity that they are involved in as part of their work
She is a full-time member of the _______. = the teachers in a university.
He works in ________. = the part of the university that manages the organization.
_________ is down this semester. = the number of students joining a school, university, course etc:
UC Santa Cruz has a very large _______. =the land and buildings of a university or college, including the buildings where students live
affirmative action
Some schools use ________ policies to get more minority students such as African Americans and Hispanic student. = the practice of choosing people for a job, college etc who are usually treated unfairly because of their race, sex etc (2 words)
She was ________ at UC Berkeley. = told that she could attend
Many students have to take out ______ to go to college. = money that people borrow.
Many school are concerned about_______. = when people threaten to hurt someone or frighten them, especially someone smaller, weaker, or different from others
He was accused of ________ in his essay. = copying another person's ideas or words in your own writing without giving credit.
adjunct faculty
Most of the classes are taught by _________ who make very low salaries. = part-time teachers at a college or university. (2 words)
acceptance rate
That college has a very low ________. = the percentage of people who get into a college (2 words)
She is going to _______ to several colleges. = to make a formal request, usually written, for something such as a job, a place in a university
drop out
Many students _______ of college after the first year. = stop going; quit (2 words)
sit in
They were able to ______ on the class. = attend but not participate or get a grade; similar to audit
He just wants to ______ the class. = to attend a course at university without intending to take examinations in it or get a credit for it; similar to sit in on
She needs to _______ a class. = stop taking a class.
He goes to a ________ school. = relating to the skills you need to do a particular job:
financial aid
Many colleges offer low-income students _______. = ways of making the cost of college more affordable such as loans, scholarships, and reduced tuition. (2 words)
The college has ______ for people from some ethnic groups such as Asian Americans. = an official limit on the number or amount of something that is allowed in a particular period
He teaches in the history _______. = one of the groups of people who study the same subject and work together in a university
He joined a ______ when he was in college. = a club for male students at some American colleges and universities
She joined a ______ when she was in college. = a club for women students at some American colleges and universities
The student had a protest in front of the __________ office. = the part of the university that decides which students will be accepted
She participated in many _________ activities. = clubs or groups such as sports, music, or other activities that are not part of the academic curriculum.
a full ride
He got a _______ to Stanford. = was given so much money in scholarships that s/he didn't have to pay any money.
Harvard and Stanford are two of the most _______ universities in the U.S. = admired as one of the best and most important
She has an _______ degree. = a two-year degree after completing community college
The college offers ________ for English language learners. = one-on-one teaching to help students with their normal classes
She is in a part-time MBA _______ at UC Berkeley, so she works and studies. = a course of study or set of classes
The college offers assistance to _________ students. = having social problems, such as a lack of money or education, which make it difficult for you to succeed
The ________ for the class was developed over many years. = the materials, lectures, readings, etc. that students study for a class.
Professors usually hand out a ________ on the first day class. = a paper that a professor gives which describes what and how students will study in a class.
Many colleges are encouraging students to study _______ majors. = an acronym that means "science, technology, engineering, and math."
Community colleges usually offer _________ math and English classes. = a special course that helps students who have difficulty learning a basic subject
Some students take the _______ test instead of graduating from high school. = an acronym that stands for "General Education Development"
He has a ______ in psychology. = a subject that you took several classes in but did not major in
The students were ______ for cheating. = kicked out of school; not allowed to continue at the school
She studied hard because she had _______ motivation. = part of the person or thing; coming from inside
Paying kids to read books is a kind of ______ motivation. = coming from outside (i.e. not from inside)
Some teachers _________ good behavior with treats or points. = something given in exchange for a useful idea, good behavior, excellent work, etc
Her final ______ from the professor was very strong. = judging something's quality, importance, or value, or a report that includes this information
Many people in developing countries are ___________. = not able to read or write in your own language.