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  1. recessive genetic disorders
  2. Alternate forms of a gene are called _____________.
  3. some causes of mutations
  4. The science that deals with the study of heridity is _____________.
  5. Human height, eye color, and skin color are all traits controlled by _____________.
  1. a alleles
  2. b chemicals, x-rays, and radioactive substances
  3. c genetics
  4. d genes
  5. e these genetic disorders occur when both parents have a recessive allele for a disorder; the parents my be heterozygous and not show any symptoms of a disorder, but if the child inherits a recessive gene from each parent, then the child will have ta recessive genetic disorder like cystic fibrosis.

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  1. when a gene undergoes a change that results in a trait that is expressed differently
  2. some allele are on the sex chromosomes like color-blindness, which is sexlinked on the X chromosome.
  3. a handy chart that predicts genetic results
  4. it is carried on the X chromosome
  5. sex-linked gene

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  1. The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called ______________.phenotype


  2. hereditythe passing of traits from parents to offspring


  3. Who is the "Father of Genetics"?Gregor Mendel


  4. genotypeThe physical trait that shows as a result of a genotype. (TT = tall; Tt = tall; tt = short; YY = yellow; yy = white))


  5. The outward appearance of a trait is a ______________.phenotype