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  1. dominant factor
  2. The science that deals with the study of heridity is _____________.
  3. The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called ______________.
  4. heredity
  5. sex-linked gene
  1. a some allele are on the sex chromosomes like color-blindness, which is sexlinked on the X chromosome.
  2. b genetics
  3. c heredity
  4. d a factor that covers up a recessive factor; tall is dominant to short
  5. e the passing of traits from parents to offspring

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  1. genes
  2. genetic engineering
  3. a handy chart that predicts genetic results

  4. the two aleles for an organism are different (Tt or Nn). This is also known as Hybrid.
  5. replacing abnormal genetic material with normal genetic material

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  1. genetic engineeringthe study of how traits are inherited through the actions of alleles


  2. purebredan organism that always produces the same traits in its offspring


  3. The outward appearance of a trait is a ______________.phenotype


  4. The actual combination of alleles of an organism is its ________________.genotype


  5. genotypeThe physical trait that shows as a result of a genotype. (TT = tall; Tt = tall; tt = short; YY = yellow; yy = white))


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