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Washington State Land Regions & Geography Quiz Review Grade 4

The five geographic regions of Washington State.
Washington State's Five Land Regions
Washington State's Five Land Regions
Washington State is divided into five regions, based on natural land features. These regions are: the Coast, the Puget Sound Lowlands, the Cascade Range, the Columbia Plateau and the Okanogan Highlands.
Coastal Range
Coastal Range
The western-most land region of Washington State. This region includes the Olympic Mountains and the Pacific coast. The industries include fishing and timber.. Many of the small towns here rely on tourism (people visiting for a vacation).
Western Lowlands
Western Lowlands
The sea-level and foothill region around the Puget Sound. This region is where most of the people in Washington State live. Major industries include aerospace (Boeing) and software (Microsoft).
Cascade Mountain Range
Cascade Mountain Range
The volcanic mountain region that ranges from Canada to Oregon, and divides Washington between east and west. The most famous mountains include Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Baker.
Columbia Plateau
Columbia Plateau
This large region makes up most of eastern Washington. The largest city in this region is Spokane, and lots of farming is done here. Major crops include wheat, apples, cherries and grapes.
Okanogan Highlands
Okanogan Highlands
This region, also called the Rocky Mountain Region, in the northeast corner of Washington State is made up of the steep foothills of the Rocky Mountain range. People here rely on ranching (raising cattle), farming, and mining.
a small region in a state, Washington has 39
natural resource
things found in nature that people use
using natural resources wisely
water that falls to earth as rain or snow
what the weather is like year after year
how high the land is above the level of the ocean
a natural place where plants and animals live together
a large raised area of mostly flat land with mountains around it
a very high land formation
a hilly area, often near mountains
land that has water on three sides
land completely surrounded by water