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All of the following are sections of an access form except:

Page Header Section

A ____ control, like a text box, is linked to data source while a _____ control, like a label, is used to describe data and create aesthetically pleasing forms

Bound, unbound

A(n) ____ is a replica of a table or query's Datasheet view that maintains some form properties although the form is limited in design and control options

Datasheet Form

A(n) ____ is an unbound control that displays text


All of the following are form creation tools EXCEPT

Form Layout

All of the following are form views EXCEPT:

Tabular View

All of the following are section in an access report EXCEPT:

Report Calculated section

Each object you place on a form is called a(n) ______


If you need to sort records contained in a report, you can do so from the ______ of the report

Layout View

If your report has a _____ section, it precedes the first page header section.

Report Header

In the first form wizard dialog box, you would specify the _____

tables or queries to be used and the fields to include

Jill must creat a report for an access database, but is unfamilar with creating reports in Access. Which report tool should Jill use?

Report Wizard

referencing the image above, this access report is shown in ______ view


Referencing the image above, What number represents the section that a page number would appear in the report


Referencing the image above, what number represents the section where a comprehensive total valve would appear in the report


Referencing the image above, what number represents the section where a the date and time would appear in the report


Referencing the image above, what number represents the section where data from a record source would appear in the the report.


Referencing the image above, what number represents the section where the title would appear in the report?


Steve is working in a database that holds patients data for a medical center. A patients identification number serves as a primary key in the patient table. A patient's identification number serves as a foreign key in the doctor table records with foriegn key value that matc the primary key value in the patient table. How should Steve proceed?

Use the form tool to create the form and access will analyze the table relationships Steve created in the database, and automaticaly add a subform form to his form.

The ____ displays form fields in vertical column, and displays one record at a time

Stacked Layout

The form header section displays

At the top of each form

The form layout view can be used for all of the following EXCEPT;

Adding a calculated field

The report _____ section of a report is used for report totals and other summary information


The table or query that supplies underlying data to a form or report is called the :

Record Source

To sort the order of records in a form, you need to open the form in

Form View

What type of control is used to help keep controls aligned horizontally and vertically, giving forms a uniform appearance


what type of form diplays records in a tabular layout simular to a table's datasheet view but has more editing options, such as adding graphics and buttons, than a datasheet?

Multiple items form

When you use the Split Form tool, the ____ views are synchronized with each other at all times

Form and Data sheet

Which of the following statements accurately describes a Split form

Split Forms combine two different views of the same record source

Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding a Form's design view

record Source data is shown in Design view

Which of the following statements is true in reference to the report Detail section?

The detail section repeats for every record in the record source

Which of the following statements is true in referenece to comparing the sections in access forms and the sections in access reports

Reports have more sections than forms but working with reports sections is simular to working with Form section.

Which of the following statements is true when comparing forms and reports

Creating Forms and reports begin by sketching an outline of the the form or report

You are working on an Access form and want to apply programming logic to a field in the form. This can be done in _______.

Design View

You can add visual Basic for applcation (VBA) code to a form in _____ View

Design View

You can use Form View to ____ the data in a report, fr example, to organize fields in order from A toZ


You can use the _____ to create specialized reports that come preformatted to fr name-brand labels such as Avery

Label Wizard

You have been working in a database. Your boss ask you to design and print out a report for an upcoming board meeting. What view should you use to ensure that the report will print out as intended?

Print preview

You need to create a report from an access database containing sales figures. You want the report to include a final grand total and page numbers. Which of the following statements accurately defines what you must do in order to achieve these results?

Page numbers would included on the page footer section and the grand total would be included on the Report Footer Section

You use a(n) ______ control to display text or decorative elements on a form


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