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Chapter 10 -Rooms Division


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What are the components to the room division?
Front desk/reception, concierge, reservation/revenue management, uniform services
Uniform services in the hotels-What are they?
Security, bell services, valet, housekeeping, Doormen
Rooms Division is the what to they hotel?
the heart of the hotel-the nerve center
Rooms division is overseen by
Resident Manager/Rooms Division Manager or Assistant GM
Key purpose and primary objectives for the rooms division (4 of them)
1) sell rooms 2)keep a clean environment 3) satisfying guest' needs, wants, and desires 4)provide safe and secure environment
The front desk responsibilities (7 of them)
check in guests, check out guests, collect payment from guests, listening to and resolving complaints, communicate with other departments, determining room availability, selling additional rooms
What is the loose rate it rate
won't go below price
Reservation/Revenue Management (responsibilities and tasks?)
manage room inventory by taking reservations, establishing room rates, and maintaining optimal occupancy (consider city-wide events, competition, minimum stays)
Reservation/Revenue management-why is it an entry level job?
Students work in this area because it is usually accompanied with using lots of computers and students are good with data
In order to adjust room rates, person must
look at patterns, city events, competition, and minimum stays adjust the rate accordingly. Essentially it is the revenue stream
Housekeeping responsibilities
clean guest rooms, clean public space, stock supplies and amenities, laundry (unless contracted), training considering that most room attendants are entry-levels employees whose 1st language is not English
XYZ rooms are rooms
they didn't clean
Who is the head of the housekeeping department?
Executive housekeeper
Executive housekeeper-responsibilities
schedule, coordinate, order supplies, manage people-overseeing room attendants
room attendants
clean guest rooms and public space
Housekeepers work from a Rooms Report which provides them with what?
status of all guest rooms from which they can prioritize their work
Reservations must maintain contact with?
other departments as well as other reservations channels to be able to forecast available rooms
Housekeeping must know what?
occupancy and house count of the hotel-number of guests checking in, number of guests checking out, number of guests staying over, number of late check outs
Housekeeping must know occupancy and house count of the hotel-number of guests checking in, number of guests checking out, number of guests staying over, number of late check outs. Why?
rooms can take 20 minutes to one hour to clean and prepare for the next guest and check-in and check-out times are based on the time it takes to clean a schedule of rooms
occupancy is the
number of rooms occupied
house count is
the number of people in these rooms
Largest department of the hotel
housekeeping is the largest department in the hotel (50% of all employees) and is the most important because you are managing half of the hotel
greet guests, assists with luggage and whistle for taxis
park cars
Bell staff
greet guests at reception desk and escorts them to their guests rooms carrying luggage and explains the hotel's amenities (upsells the hotel restaurant rather the the other one's outside of the hotel)
resident expert in activities, events , restaurants, and attractions in the city
Position of concierge today is
becoming more important as hotels are trying to offer a higher level of guest services
International association for concierges
Les Chefs d'or
Concierge in small hotels
bell staff or front desk clerks in smaller hotels
are required by law to provide reasonable care fro their guests-general security, locks and lighting, and security of guest' personal belongings
Security has becoming increasingly important due
the threat of terrorists. ALAHHHHHH
Crime is increasing in many areas in
downtown or remote areas (single loaded access-rooms is exposed and you have no access to a hallway, rather your hallway is outside) (hacking electronic locks)
security measures that were introduced in recent years
in-room safes, keyless locks (electronic magnetic strips), tigheter security at front desks, redesigned hotels where guests must pass through the lobby or access after hours in side doors only with a room/key card
% of revenue from rooms