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Anatomy&Physiology Ch#13

Test 3
The __________ is part of the CNS and the __________ is part of the PNS
Spinal cord; spinal nerve
The dorsal root ganglia consist mainly of __________.
cell bodies of unipolar neurons
The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulates within the __________.
subarachnoid space
The CSF is confined between the __________ and the __________.
pia mater; arachnoid mater
The ________ of each spinal nerve innervates the skin and muscles of the back.
Dorsal Ramus
The outermost connective-tissue covering of nerves is the
If a person has a crush injury to the C3-C5 spinal segments, you would expect that he
might be unable to breathe on his own
The spinal cord is part of the
central nervous system
Spinal nerves are
both sensory and motor
The dorsal root ganglia mainly contain
cell bodies of sensory neurons
The ventral root of a spinal nerve contains
axons of motor neurons
The tough, fibrous, outermost covering of the spinal cord is the
dura mater
The layer of the meninges in direct contact with the spinal cord is the
pia mater
In meningitis,bacteria can be the cause.
inflammation of the meninges occurs.
CSF flow can be disrupted.
viruses can be the cause.
All of the answers are correct
All of the answers are correct
Cerebrospinal fluid flows within the
subarachnoid space
The specialized membranes that surround the spinal cord are termed the
spinal meninges
Blood vessels that supply the spinal cord run along the surface of the
pia mater
Which of these is absent in the gray matter of the spinal cord?
myelinated axons
The white matter of the spinal cord is mainly
myelinated and unmyelinated axons
The anterior horns of the spinal cord contain mainly
somatic motor nuclei
Which nerve plexus innervates the pectoral girdle and upper limbs?
Brachial plexus
Which of these cervical plexus nerves innervates the diaphragm?
Phrenic Nerve
Which nerve does NOT belong to the sacral plexus?
obturator nerve
fibular nerve
sciatic nerve
tibial nerve
obturator nerve
What area of the body does the obturator nerve serve?
Skin over the medial surface of the leg
The region of the body surface monitored by a pair of spinal nerves is known as a(n) __________.
A typical spinal nerve has a __________ ramus consisting of unmyelinated axons that innervate smooth muscles.
The preganglionic fibers that connect a spinal nerve with an autonomic ganglion in the thoracic and lumbar region of the spinal cord and carries visceral motor fibers that are myelinated form the
white rami communicantes
A reflex that leads to secretion of saliva is a(n) __________ reflex.
A reflex arc always includes
a sensory receptor, afferent axon and efferent axon
Reflexes can be classified according to all of the following, except
whether they are sensory or motor
The reflex that limits muscle tension is the __________ reflex.
The __________ reflex involves activating muscles contralateral to the receptor.
crossed extensor
The reflex that prevents a muscle from exerting too much tension is the ________ reflex.
The ________ reflex complements the flexor reflex by activating contralateral muscles.
crossed extensor
Which of the following is not true about a positive Babinski reflex?
why you close your eyes when you sneeze