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Some questions from a work sheet done in my 7th grade class for review

What is the simile in the second paragraph?

Marley was as dead as a door nail.

Why does the narrator make such a big deal about Marley being dead?

The narrator makes such a big deal about the fact that Marley is dead because he wants to make sure when Marley's ghost appears the reader does not think he raised from the dead.

Why doesn't the weather affect Scrooge?

The weather doesn't affect him beaus he is a cold man.

How is Scrooges nephew different from Scrooge?

He is different because he is happy and has family and friends.

What do the portly gentleman want from Scrooge?

The portly gentleman want a donation to the poor.

How does the knocker change?

The knocker changes by Marley's face appearing on it when Scrooge gets home.

Why does Scrooge like the darkness?

Scrooge likes the darkness because it is cheaper.

What was Marley's ghost doing since his death?

Marley's ghost had been traveling ever science his death.

What did Marley warn Scrooge about?

Marley warned Scrooge about this being his last chance to not die like Marley did.

Why are the Phantoms upset?

The phantoms are upset because they cannot help the people that they now wish they could.

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