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15 terms

Water Erosion and Deposition- Chap.9

Water that doesn't soak into ground or evaporate but instead flows across Earth's surface is called ______.
Water moving down the same path creates a groove called a _______.
Sheet Erosion
_____ _______ occurs when water that is flowing as sheets picks up and carries sediment.
Drainage Basin
A ________ _____ is the area of land from which a stream or river collects runoff.
A _______ is a broad, C- shaped curve in a river formed by erosion of its outer bank.
Water that soaks into the ground collects in these pores and empty spaces and becomes part of what is called __________.
_________ describes soil and rock with connecting pores through which water can flow.
___________ means that water cannot pass through them.
A layer of permeable rock that lets water move freely is an ______.
Water Table
_____ _____ is the upper surface of the zone of saturation; drops during a drought.
_______ form when the water table meets Earth's surface and often found on hillsides and used as a freshwater source.
A ______ is a hot spring that erupts periodically, shooting water and steam into air.
A ____ is an underground opening that can form when acidic groundwater dissolves limestone.
Longshore Current
A _________ _______ is a current that runs parallel to the shoreline, is caused by waves colliding with the shore at slight angles, and moves tons of loose sediment.
_______ are deposits of sediment that are parallel to the shore.