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When does the book start? (month and year)
January, 1892
Where does it take place?
New Fiddleham (New England) near Atlantic Ocean
Where is Abigail Rook from?
England, small town in Hampshire
How long has AR been away from home?
1 year
What instrument did AR try to play at the beginning of the book?
Box piano
What boat did AR come to America on?
Lady Charlotte
What were the noticeable characteristics about Jackaby?
Black wild hair, multicolored hat.
But AR specifically noticed his eyes
What is mentioned as Jackaby's first 'name'?
What job does Abigail's father, Daniel, do?
Anthropology, Paleontology
What job did AR leave college for? (specifically what is on the poster)
Where did AR's job in Dinosaurs take her?
Carpathian Mountains
What did the board advertising for J say?
SSISTANT WANTE (must be literate and possess a keen intellect and open mind). Strong stomach preferred.
926 Augur Lane. Do not stare at the frog?
What is the address for J's house/office?
926 Augur Lane
What smell does the frog emit?
What did the sign at Jackaby's say?
Unexplained Phenomena our specialty
What does J's door look like?
It's red with a horseshoe knocker
How many times has J's assistant job been filled and vacated?
What happened to J's last assistant?
He became waterfowl. (We find out later he becomes duck named Douglas)
How did J know where AR had been?
She had a Domovyk (Ukranian house spirit, fairy) on her hat.
She also had a Klabauterman (German kobold) on her coat. Kobold's are attracted to minerals, hers was gray coated from iron
Who gave J the property on Augur Lane as a gift?
Mayor Spade
Why did Mayor Spade give J the property on Augur Lane?
He wanted J to exorcise it, he refused to because the ghost wasn't hostile, so Mayor Spade gave him the house
What spirit like things were Jackaby's house made of?
From surviving yeti in the Swiss Alps
What is the Chief Inspector's name?
What is the first cop AR meets that is later killed by Commissioner Swift?
Where was the first crime scene?
Emerald Arch Apartments
What room was Arthur Bragg killed in?
Room 301
What do pixies like to eat?
Milk and honey
What does J describe death as?
Dark and bleeding outward like a drop of ink in water, spreading out and fading in curls and wisps
What cop did they meet outside room 301?
Charlie Cane
What is J's baker friend named and what street is he on?
Anton, Market St.
What profession did Arthur Bragg have?
Reporter/writer for the Chronicle. He was helping publicize for Commissioner Swift
What room did William Henderson live in and what was he known as?
Room 313, a psycho
What was William Henderson wearing when he died?
Red Pajamas
What did J give William Henderson to lessen the screams of the banshee that indicated Henderson would die soon?
A tuning fork
Who punched Jackaby in the face and what room was she from?
Room 410, Mona O'Connor, nurse
What sick old lady was actually a banshee?
Mrs. Morrigan
What is the mourning death sound a banshee makes known as?
What does AR think all detectives should have?
A little notebook
What did the laboratory smell like?
Bananas and burnt hair
What kind of shoes does the killer wear and how does J know?
Metal shoes (specifically iron) because of the footprints he can see
What does Jackaby consider his profession to be?
A 'seer'
Hatun, the other 'seer' sees things three ways. What are they?
Predictable (everyone) , Real (J) , and Unpredicatable
What is the troll named?
What did Hatun promise Hammett (troll)?
to fish every week
How does Hammett get around?
Rides an orange tabby cat
Where was Hatun when she saw the killer/beast?
behind Chandler's Market
What does it mean, according to Hatun, when stovepipes and chimneys are quiet?
They know that something is wrong
What books did J tell AR to look for when he was on to something?
Almanac Arcanum and anything by Mendel
Who is the ghost that AR originally saw in the laboratory/ the ghosts room?
Jenny Cavanaugh
What are runestones records of?
Rare records of ancient Scandinavian Gods
Where does Douglas the duck reside?
3rd floor, pond
What does Douglas the duck do for Jackaby now?
tends to the Archives
Where were the telegrams describing recent deaths from? (3 cities)
Brahannasburg, Gadston, and Glanville
Where were all the murder victims wounds located?
Neck or Chest, mostly chest
Bragg marked them on map as N. Wd or C. Wd
Where did all the murders take place?
Just outside of New Fiddleham
How many murders were there before Arthur Bragg?
What book did AR intend to use as a weapon when they thought someone was breaking in?
Historia Lycanthropis, it is Shillelagh made by Leprechaun's out of Irish blackthorn, cured in furnace of Gofannon
What two things did Jackaby have AR smell to decide which to put in omelets just to put both in?
Paprika and gunpowder
What clothing item did Jenny give AR?
Thick brown skirt that showed some leg (OOOO WOW) that had a lot of pockets which AR was very excited for
What officer once attended a seance?
Officer Porter
What officer once knocked on wood?
Lieutenant Dupin, who also followd J and Charlie when they were suspects on Fourth Street
What street is the police station on?
Mason Street
What was the one piece taken from Henderson's murder crime scene?
Jackaby's tuning fork
What did the cake in the jail say on it?
Happy Birthday, Allan
What clothing item keeps Hatun hidden from all people? (except homeless people)
A shawl (i think it may be blue???)
What is Swift's 'assistant' like man only seen in the police station one time?
Dixon, wears a suede suit
What food does J say is often served in jail?
Creamed corn
What item in the jail 'lost and found?' did J laugh at?
Overly Mexicanized sombrero with a hole in it
What did AR get back after jail visit?
One coat (from Jenny), and one hankerchief
What did Jackaby get back from his pockets after jail?
Thomas complained too many pockets. He had hat, rabbit's foot on chain, dried beetle, vial with blue liquid, vial with amber liquid
What did Mona say to J after Mrs. Morrigan was killed?
"kill him."
What was J looking for in books the night he wanted all the police in the town circle?
"Lead. and some kindling"
How did AR know Mr. Stapleton?
He tried to buy a can of Old Bart's from her
What was Mr. Stapleton known by from Jackaby?
Stapleton Foundry and Stapleton Metalworks
What color of trim on jacket does Commissioner Swift have?
How does Commissioner Swift cover the sounds of his metal shoes?
Squeaky knee brace
How did AR get some lead when they were hunting the killer creature?
From a fishhook
What did AR promise Hammett for taking the fish hook?
A whole Halibut
Charlie Cane is thought to be a werewolf but what is he actually?
Caini (translates to The Dogs)
What bible quote did J say after shooting Swift?
Leviticus 17
What creature is Commissioner Swift?
Redcap, which is a goblin that usually haunts old castles in England or Scotland
Where was Charlie stabbed in human form?
Under right clavicle above lung
Charlie is part of?
The House of Caine, gypsy shapeshifter
What is different between Caini and werewolves?
Caini are less violent and more loyal
What two paintings are in J's house?
Saint George- "The Golden Legend" dragon and sacrifices

Manu and the Fish- Hindu, kept fish in jar and let it grow big, released it, fish warned him of flood and saved him

Saint George shows why creatures are dangerous
Manu shows importance of symbiosis with creatures
What is the name of the famous Redcap?
Robin Redcap
Where did Marlow arrange for Charlie to go after he was outed as a wolf?
Who was Charlie devoted to?
"Lady Justice" the law, he took an oath
Where was the memorial for the 5 deaths in New Fiddleham?
Outside a small church adjacent to Rosemary's green
What book did AR break while beating up Commissioner Swift?
What part of the house should AR stay clear of?
North wing of the second floor
Where did AR want to stop to get fish for troll?
Chandler's market
What flower did Bragg's lady friend put on his casket?
A white carnation
What does Charlie change his name to in Gadston?
Mr. Barker (lol yes how inconspicuous when people already think you are a wolf)
What did AR refer to Jackaby as in literally every damn line in the book?
My employer (thanks William Ritter, I hate you)
What is the Commissioner in Gadston named?
Commissioner Bell
What case does J take after the murders?
A sick cat. Mrs. Wiggles. Getting smaller and basically turning into an amphibian/lizard/fish
AR suggests they go where instead of her being forced to stay home?
1206 Campbell Street (not sure where this is?)
What gift did J give AR at the end of the novel?
A black leather notebook with her initialson the back. Also has a black bird in flight on it (which, get this, is known as a Rook). And a magnifying glass.