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World Geography Review

Way that people in particular culture see themselves is shaped by
Their History
Better health care and improve living conditions reduce
Death rate
Who owns the resources in command economy
How did earliest humans get food
Hunted or gathered
When it's Winter in Northern Hemisphere it's Summer in the
Southern Hemisphere
70% of the Earth's surface is
El Ninos occur when
Cold winds from the east are weak
What is the Gulf Stream
A warm ocean current
Agrarian or Agriculture both mean
In a Free Enterprise (or Free Market) system businesses are run in order to
Earn money or make a profit
The main non-tech tools geographers use are
Maps and globes
A body of land completely surrounded by water
What percentage of the world's water is fresh water
2.75 percent (or 3 percent)
River valley civilizations spread their knowledge through
Cultural Diffusion
Kings/Queens inherit the right to rule but have limited powers in a(n)
Constitutional monarchy
Local form of language that differs from the main language
Earliest human settlements were located near
Internet was made possible through the invention of
Important responsibility of citizens in a democracy is
To vote!
Largest part (sector) of the US economy is in
Oil, Coal and Natural Gas are nonrenewable and called this
Fossil Fuels
The USA Constitution provides for this form of government which gives powers to both states and the national government
Federal Republic or Federalism
Banking, entertainment, & tourism would be examples of this part of the economy
Would steel be considered a consumer good?
5 Themes: when people migrate, send packages, or text, it is called
People who study physical & human features of the earth are called
Much of the land in the Arctic is
Zebra Mussels are an example of
Invasive Species
Overuse of fossil fuels has caused climate changes called
Global Warming
Average number of people living in a square mile
Population Density
3 natural things that are needed for successful agriculture
Good soil, climate, and water
Which kind of monarchy allows its citizens to elect representatives (voting)
Constitutional Monarchy
Some farmers try to prevent erosion by building walls called on steep slopes called
Terracing their fields
Cutting down trees without replacing them
Countries that are working toward industrialization
Developing countries
A world culture with an interdependent economy
How are prices and wages determined in a free market economy?
Supply and demand
Language, religion, customs and beliefs can all be part of a
When countries rely on each other for ideas, goods, services and markets