40 terms

Computer Class 2

CIS 121
A ____ is an online area in which users have written discussions about a particular subject.
A ______ consists of an original newsgroup article and all subsequent related replies.
____ is an unsolicited e-mail message or newsgroup article sent to many recipients or newsgroup at once.
Use ____ , such as :) or :(, to express emotion in an e-mail message or newsgroup article.
According to netiquette, Internet user should assume _____.
the use of all the capital letters is the equivalent of shouting.
_____ software consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks.
In the Windows Vista operating system, as shown in the accompanying figure, the ____ is an on-screen work area that has a graphical user interface.
As shown in the accompanying figure, ____ is a small image displayed on the screen that represents a program, a document, or some other object.
A file is ______.
a named collection of stored data, instructions, or information.
When you click Paint in the Accessories list, Windows Vista loads the Paint program instructions from the computers hard disk into _____.
A ______ is an instruction that causes a program to perform a specific action.
The top of a window has a _____, which is a horizontal space that contains the window's name.
title bar
The _____ of the document window usually displays a document's file name.
title bar
A font _____, such as bold, italic, and underline in the accompanying figure, adds emphasis to a font.
A ____, such as Cambria and Calibri in the accompanying figure, is a name assigned to a specific design of characters.
_____ size, such as 12-point and 28-point in the accompanying figure, indicates the size of characters in a particular font.
____ is a collection of electronic drawings, photos, and other images that can be inserted into documents.
Clip art
Word processing software includes a ___, which reviews the spelling of individual words, sections of a document, or the entire document.
spelling checker
_____ software is software that allows users to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations on the data.
When computer users _____ a document, the computer sends a copy of the document to a medium such as paper.
Many worksheet cells contain a number that can be used in a calculation, called a ____.
____ software allows users to create, access, and manage a database.
A ____ is a request for specific data from a database.
_____ software allows users to create visual aids for presentations to communicate ideas, messages, and other information to a group.
A _____ is application software that includes an appointment calendar, address book, notepad, and other features to help users organize personal information.
____ enables users to write and print checks, track checking account activity, and update and reconcile balances on demand.
Accounting software
Which of the following is an example of paint/image editing software for the professional?
Adobe illustrator
Which of the following is an example of computer-aided design software?
Autodesk AutoCAD
Which of the following is an example of video and audio editing software for the professional?
Adobe Audition
____ software is software that enables professional designers to creat sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and many colors.
____ software is a sophisticated type of application software that assists a professional user in creating engineering, architectural, and scientific designs.
____ is ideal for the production of high-quality color documents such as textbooks, corporate newsletters, marketing literature, product catalogs, and annual reports.
Professional DTP software
____ is the process of arranging text and graphics in a document on a page-by-page basis.
Page layout
____ software is software that allows users to draw pictures, shapes, and other graphical images with various on-screen tools such as a pen, brush, eyedropper, and paint bucket.
____ software allows users to modify a segement of a video, called a clip.
Video editing
____ software lets users modify audio clips and produce studio-quality sound tracks.
Audio editing
Audio editing software usually includes ____, which are designed to enhance audio quality.
Designers and graphic artists can print finished publications on a color printer, take them to a professional printer, or post them on the Web in a format that can be viewed by those without ____ software.
Multimedia _____ software allows users to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into an interactive application.
_____ offers access to account balances, provides bill paying services, and allows downloading of copies of monthly transactions and statements from the Web directly to a user's computer.
Online banking