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Lesson 2.6 Quiz Practice

What time of day did Nicodemus ask Jesus questions?
Christianity cowards
There is no room in ___ for ___.
Was Nicodemus always a coward?
He went to Jesus at night
What evidence from Scripture teaches us that at first Nicodemus was a coward?
Moses lifting up the image of a snake on his staff
What OT story did Jesus use to explain being born again?
from above
What does "again" mean in Greek?
Nicodemus belonged to what Jewish leadership group?
IN what city did Nicodemus meet Christ?
John 7 and 19
What specific evidence from the Bible shows up that Nicodemus did not stay a coward?
physical birth
What did Jesus mean when He said we must be "born of water"?
The Sanhedrin was the highest level of ___ government.
first subject taught publically; verbal empasis "truly truly"' it is the only way to get to heaven
What things teach us the Jesus' teaching about the New Birth was important to Him?
He did not want to risk losing prestige, power or his position in the Sanhedrin
Why was Nicodemus afraid to be seen with Jesus?
You must be born spiritually "of the Holy Spirit" which will refocus our desires and affections for God because of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. We are born with a sin nature. Jesus paid the debt for our sin.
What did Jesus mean when He said, "you must be born again"?