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  1. saturate
  2. lackadaisical
  3. fatuous
  4. allege
  5. slough
  1. a (adj.) stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
  2. b (adj.) lacking spirit or interest; halfhearted
  3. c (v.) to cast off, discard; to get rid of something objectionable or unnecessary; to plod through as if through mud; (n.) a mire; a state of depression
  4. d (v.) to soak thoroughly, fill to capacity; to satisfy fully
  5. e (v.) to assert without proof or confirmation

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  1. (v.) to make more violent, severe, bitter, or painful
  2. (adj.) impossible to disprove; beyond arguement
  3. (n.) an inadequate quantity, scarcity, dearth
  4. (adj.) grisly, gruesome; horrible, distressing; having death as a subject
  5. (v.) to tear down, destroy completely; to cut or scrape off or out

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  1. juggernaut(n.) a massive and inescapable force or object that crushes whatever is in its path


  2. recant(adj.) out-and-out, shameless, blatant


  3. echelon(n.) one of a series of grades in an organization or field of activity; an organized military unit; a steplike formation or arrangement


  4. countermand(v.) to cancel or reverse one order or command with another that is contrary to the first


  5. portend(v.) to indicate beforehand that something is about to happen; to give advance warning of