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  1. amorphous solids
  2. Avogadro's Law
  3. Glucose
  4. Solution
  5. Solid
  1. a which type of solution is "Homogenous mixtures of metals in the solid state
  2. b which solids have no organized structure
  3. c Which Law states "The relationship between the volume and number of moles of a gas at constant temperature and pressure
  4. d A homogenous mixture of two or more substances is called a _________?
  5. e C6 H12 O6 is the formula for ______

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  1. Substances that are added to a liquid to decrease surface tension
  2. ________________ are made up of two nonmetals
  3. R=
  4. ______________ are made up of nonmetals and a metal
  5. (T or F) If a Saturated solution is cooled down, the amount of solute that the solution can hold decreases

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  1. Combined Gas LawPiVi=PfVf


  2. Melting pointA homogenous mixture of two or more substances is called a _________?


  3. Colloidal suspensionswhat consists of solute particles dispersed throughout the dispersing medium. The distribution is not completely homogenous because of the size of the colloidal particles


  4. Van der Waals ForcesPhysical properties of liquids are explained in terms of their intermolecular forces


  5. Hydrogen BondsA special type of Dipole-dipole attractions