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  1. Molarity
  2. Henry's Law
  3. Charles' Law
  4. Osmosis
  5. Solid
  1. a Vi / Ti = Vf / Tf
  2. b which type of solution is "Homogenous mixtures of metals in the solid state
  3. c What law states that the number of moles of gas dissolved in a liquid at a given temperature is proportional to the pressure of that gas in the atmosphere that is in contact with the liquid
  4. d _________________ is the movement of solvent from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution through a semipermeable membrane
  5. e _______________ is the solute concentration is mole-based units

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  1. what is the solution in which water is the solvent
  2. The process of conversion of liquid to gas at a temperature too low to boil
  3. pressure is measured with a _____________
  4. __________ properties are properties that depend on the concentration of the solute particles rather than the identity of the solute
  5. Gasses are made up of tiny atoms molecules that are in _____________ and _____________ motion

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  1. Ideal gasA model of the way that particles behave at the microscopic level


  2. London Forceswhat is an example of a sublimation of a solid


  3. HypertonicWhen a solute concentration of fluid surrounding cells is higher than inside the cell it results in a ____________ solution


  4. TrueIn the ideal gas law, pressure must be measured in what units?


  5. SolidWhat is the name of the component of the solution that is present in the lesser quantity?