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  1. Any natural process that is a potential threat to human life and property.
  2. Generation of earthquake or seismic waves when rocks under stress fracture and break resulting in displacement along a fault.
  3. The product of the probability of an event occuring and the consequences should that event occur.
  4. The risk that individuals, society or institutions are willing to take.
  5. A hazardous event that occurs over a limited span of time in a defined geographic area. Lose of human life and property damage is significant.
  6. Self-sustaining rapid oxidation that releases light, heat, carbon dioxide and other gases as it moves across the landscape. Also known as a fire in the natural environment that maybe initiated by natural processes such as lighting strike or deliberately set by humans.

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  1. droughtInundation of an area by water. Our often produced by processes including intense rain storms, melting of snow, storms surge from a hurricane, tsunami, or failure of a flood protection structure such as a dam.


  2. heat waveA period of days of weeks of unusually hot weather. A natural recurring weather phenomenon related to heating of the atmosphere and moving of air masses.


  3. tornadoA funnel shaped cloud of violently rotating air that extends downwards from large thunder storms to contact the surface of the earth.


  4. direct effectsEffects from a natural hazard or disaster that includes donations of money and goods as well as providing shelter for people and paying taxes that will help finance recovery and relief of emotional distress caused by natural hazardous events.


  5. landslideComprehensive term for earth materials moving down a slope