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Inner Core

The inner most layer of the Earth's interior. This part is dense and composed mostly of solid iron

outer core

lies directly above the inner core and is thought to be composed mostly of molten metal


The layer above the outer core. This is the largest layer of the Earth's interior. It is similar to putty


Earth's outer most layer and is very thin


The rigid upper part of the Earth's mantle and crust. It is broken into 30 plates that move around


Large fractures (cracks) in rocks along which movement occurs.


When one plate sinks another plate and sinks into the mantle.

Fault-block mountain

Mountains that form from pulling forces and are made of huge tilted blocks of rock

Folded mountain

Mountains formed by the folding o f rocks layers caused by compressive forces

upwarped mountain

Mountain that is formed when forces inside the Earth push up the crust

volcanic mountain

A mountain that is formed over time when layer upon layer of lava builds up


A principle that states that the Earth's crust and lithosphere float on top of the mantle.

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