45 terms

Computer Class 6

CIS 121
___ are audio output devices that rest inside the ear canal.
Voice ____ occurs when a person's voice is heard or when the computer talks through speakers on the computer.
An alternative for blind users is a ____printer, which outputs information in Braille on paper.
The ____enlarges text and other items in a window on the screen.
_____storage is the physical material on which a computer keeps data, instructions and information.
____is the number of bytes (characters) a storage medium can hold.
A ___device is the computer hardware that records and/or retrieves items to and from storage media.
The inflexible, circular platters on ___disks use magnetic particles to store data, instructions, and information on a disk's surface.
Memory (chips) accesses items in ___.
The smallest unit of data a computer can process is ____.
Experts estimate that hard disks using perpendicular recording will provide storage capacities about ____times greater than disks that use longitudinal recording.
_____ is the process of dividing a disk into track and sectors, so the operating system can store and locate data and information on the disk.
A ____is made of aluminum, glass, or ceramic and is coated with an alloy material that allows items to be recorded magnetically on its surface.
On desktop computers, platters have a ___ factor, or size, of approximately 3.5 inches in diameter.
A read/write ____is the mechanism that reads and writes items in the drive as it barely touches the disk's recording surface.
A ____ is a duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used in case the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed.
Some computers improve hard disk access time by using a disk ____, which consists of memory chips that store frequently accessed items.
A ____flash memory card has a storage capacity of 512 MB to 8 GB.
Secure Digital
The cost of an 16 GB CompactFlash card is the same as a ____GB external hard disk.
A card ____is a device that reads data, instructions, and information stored on flash memory cards.
A ___smart drive is a special type of USB flash drive that includes preinstalled software accessed through a Windows-typed interface.
As shown in the accompanying figure, a ____drive is a flash memory storage device that plugs in a USB port on a computer or portable device.
If the computer has an internal hard disk (drive C) and a DVD drive (drive D) and no other disk drives, drive will the USB flash drive like the one shown in the accompanying figure probably be?
Current USB flash drives like the one in the accompanying figure have transfer rates of ___.
12 MBps
____storage is an Internet service that provides strorage to computer users.
Users subscribe to a cloud storage service like the kind advertised in the accompanying figure to _____.
save time by storing large files instantaneously, allow others to access files, store offsite backups to data
Optical discs like the kind shown in the accompanying figure usually are ____than one-twentieth of an inch thick.
4.75 inches in diameter and less
The drive designation of an optical disc drive, into which the disc shown in the accompanying figure would fit, usually ___.
follows alphabetically after that of all the hard disks
All of the following may scratch or damage an optical disc EXCEPT ____.
holding a disk by its edges
A _____is a type of optical disc that users can read but not write or erase.
A standard CD-ROM is called a ____disc because manufacturers write all items on the disc at one time.
Manufacturers state the speeds of CD-RW drives in this order ____.
write speed, rewrite speed, and read speed
Instead of using CD-R, many users opt for ___, which is an eraseable multisession disc users can write on multiple times.
A ___is a multisession optical disc on which users can write but not erase their own items such as text, graphics, and audio.
To write on a CD-RW disc, users must have CD-RW software and a CD-RW ___.
A Kodak ___CD is a type of CD-ROM that stores digital versions of a single roll of film using a jpg file format.
A ____is a high-capacity optical disc on which users can read but not write or erase.
With future technology, a ___potentially will contain up to 20 layers, each with a capacity of 5 GB.
___is a high-capacity rewriteable DVD format.
Tape ____.
no longer is used as a primary method of storage but is used most often for long-term storage and backup.
____is a magnetically coated ribbon of plastic capable of storing large amounts of data and information at a low cost.
One popular use of ____is to store a prepaid amonut of money, as in a prepaid telephone calling card.
smart cards
_____is a small sheet of film, usually about 4 inches by 6 inches, that stores microscopic images of documents.
A computer output ____recorder is the device that records images on microfilm.
The use of microfilm and microfiche provides all of the following advantages EXCEPT_____.
they can read without a microfilm or microfiche reader