1. manifest destiny
2. more landowners (more democracy)
3. spirit of individualism
4. more respect for women
5. dry farming (wheat, cows)
6. rough living
7. key to development- railroad
8. cattle drive crew
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they wanted to outlaw slavery everywherewhat did abolitionist want?Missouri became a slave state, Maine became a free state, and the 36 30 line was establishedwhat were the three parts of the Missouri compromise?said all states above it were free states, and all states below it were slave stateswhat was the 36 30 line?the south obsessed over the number of slave and free states, and wanted it to be equal because they felt like the north had power in the judicial and executive branch, and they knew as long as their are the same number of slave and free states, the senate would be equal. Missouri caused a problem when it became a state because half of it was north towards the free states, and half south towards the slave states. He created this compromise so their would be peace between the north and south and wanted to prevent a civil war.why was did Henry Clay create the Missouri Compromise?The Compromise of 1850what was the second compromise Clay came up with?1. California becomes a free state 2. the rest of the Mexican cession has popular sovereignty 3. the fugitive slave law was passed 4. sale of slaves prohibited in DCwhat were the 4 parts of The Compromise of 1850?it said northern states were supposed to help the southern states chase down runaway slaveswhat was the fugitive slave lawit wanted slaves to be free (will not have slaves)- and it was around CaliforniaWhat was the Wilmot Proviso and what area did it cover?it said this territory could have popular sovereignty (KAN vote)- around Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, etcwhat was the Kansas- Nebraska act and what areas did it cover?free soilsupported by most northerners prior to the civil warfree soilwanted to ban slavery ONLY in new territoriesfree soilAbe Lincolnpop sovsuggested that new states VOTE on slaveryabolitionistbelieved slavery was a moral evilMissouri Compromiseestablished the 36 30 lineCompromise of 1850made California a free stateMissouri Compromisemade Maine a free stateWilmot provisosuggested to have free soil in the Mexican CessionCompromise of 1850created fugitive slave actKansas-Nebraska Actthis law called for pop sov. in territory entirely north of the 36 30 line