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MKT 301 quiz 4

A service cannot be touched, seen, tasted, heard, or felt in the same manner in which goods can be sensed and, therefore, is referred to as:
1. extraneous
2. impervious
3. perishable
4. synergistic
5. intangible
Heterogeneity of services means the quality of a service may not be tangible.
Alabama Adventure, an amusement park in Birmingham, offers reduced rates on weekdays and higher prices for those who want to attend on weekends. It also offers lower prices for patrons who enter the park after 4 p.m. This is a way to contend with the service characteristic of:
1. variability
2. inseparability
3. perishability
4. intangibility
5. simultaneous production and consumption
search quality
A(n) _____ is a characteristic that can be easily assessed prior to purchase, such as the softness of a mattress or the color of curtains.
Virtual Bellhop is a company that ships awkward sporting goods to vacation destinations so its customers to not have to worry about lugging them through airports or having them damaged in transit. The care with which the items are packed and the condition of the package when it arrives indicate concern with which aspect of service quality?
1. tangibles
2. responsiveness
3. variability
4. reliability
5. homogeneity
Harriet Lowe makes children's clothing, which she sells at craft festivals to end users. Lowe does not use channel intermediaries; she uses a direct channel.
LoneStar Bar & Grill is a small chain of restaurants that feature marinated steaks. The marinade is so popular that LoneStar sells it at its restaurants and also sells it at Kroger supermarkets. This is an example of intensive distribution.
specialization and division of labor
Marketing channels can achieve economies of scale through:
1. specialization and division of labor
2. overcoming temporal discrepancies
3. contact expertise
4. overcoming discrepancies of quantity
5. overcoming spatial discrepancies
Shopping goods are usually distributed selectively. Consumers are willing to look around for them but may not be willing to search or travel extensively to acquire the product.
Nonprofit organization marketing
_____ refers to the efforts of public and private nonprofit firms to bring about mutually satisfying exchanges with their target markets.
1. Nonprofit organization marketing
2. Social targeting
3. Autonomous marketing
4. Public affairs marketing
5. Social marketing
The speed with which an ambulance can get to an accident site is an indication of the reliability dimension of service.
gap model of service quality
Budget airlines are a new service in China. Neither their passengers nor the airlines themselves know what to expect from each other. Shanghai-based Spring Airlines is a start-up service with a tight budget. According to the owner of Spring Airlines, customer satisfaction levels are at 97 percent although many of Spring Airlines' employees have been throttled and had their clothes ripped by unhappy passengers. According to the _____, there is a gap between what customers want and what management thinks customers want.

1. service pyramid
2. gap model of service quality
3. service delineation matrix
4. four dimensions of service quality
5. service paradigm
Aquabar distributes waters, natural fruit drinks, and premium liquids in still, sparkling, and naturally carbonated forms to restaurants, spas, supermarkets, hospitals, and educational institutions. Aquabar uses _____ distribution.
1. cumulative
2. intensive
3. exclusive
4. multiple
5. aggregated
do not take title to merchandise
Agents and brokers:

1. only represent manufacturers in sales situations
2. do not take title to merchandise
3. generally are on salary with the manufacturer
4. have a great deal of input on the terms of the sale
5. have a great deal of control and risk invested in the goods
merchant wholesaler
Long Island Lefty provides retailers and other businesses with the latest and the best products for left-handed consumers. It buys all types of products from a variety of manufacturers and stores the merchandise in its New York warehouse until purchased by buyers. Long Island Lefty does not sell to end users and is an example of a(n):
1. consumer market
2. retailer
3. hypermarket intermediary
4. agent or broker
5. merchant wholesale
Many people would like to sell and buy on eBay, the most popular of the current Internet auction sites, but they have questions about the process and how to sell and price their merchandise. A company called Keen.com has set up a directory of specialists to whom you can address questions. When you choose a name and click on the "Call Now" button, the specialist is contacted and will personally call and answer your questions. Users can see the ratings given to each specialist by previous users before they contact that specialist. Which service component does Keen.com use to help its customers evaluate its service quality?

All of the statements about developing marketing mixes are true.
Which of the following statements about developing marketing mixes for services is true?
1. All of the statements about developing marketing mixes are true.
2. The intangibility and simultaneous production and consumption of services may require adjustments in marketing mix elements.
3. Elements of the marketing mix must be adjusted for the unique characteristics of services.
4. The variability and perishability of services may require adjustments in marketing mix elements.
5. Marketing mixes for services are often different than those for products.
The three basic functions a channel intermediary provides are transactional (including physical distribution and sorting), logistical (including research and financing), and facilitating (including contacting, promoting, negotiating, and risk taking).
Marketing channels make distribution simpler by reducing the number of transactions required to get products from manufacturers to consumers. This is called:
Western Union has 225,000 locations where clients can receive money in 196 countries. Because a person can send money from a small town in Georgia to a small town in Mexico without worrying, Western Union has a high degree of _____ quality.