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First English Colonies

Roanoke Colony
established in 1585 and abandoned, reestablished in 1587 and mysteriously disappeared
Jamestown Colony
established in 1607 in Virginia because colonists wanted to find gold and other riches
John Smith
Governor of Jamestown who made the colonists work to survive
Virginia House of Burgesses
government of Jamestown, important because the first representative government in North America
Representative Government
government where people are elected to represent the needs and ideas of the people
Tobacco in Jamestown
Good: profitable, Bad: introduced slavery to colonies
Natives and Jamestown Colonists
good relationship at first until colonists began raiding Native villages
Plymouth Colony
established in 1620 by the Pilgrims because they wanted religious freedom
Mayflower Compact
document to govern Plymouth colony, important because first time colonists claimed right to govern themselves
Winter in Plymouth Colony
half starved because they couldn't plant crops or died of diseases
John Rolfe
promoted the growing of tobacco for profit in the Jamestown colony
Native who taught the Pilgrim at Plymouth how to plant crops and caught fish
Sir Walter Raleigh
the Englishman who established the colony of Roanoke
No Survivors Theory
believed the colonists at Roanoke were killed by Natives or the Spanish
Lost at Sea Theory
believed the colonists of Roanoke got lost at sea trying to sail back to England
Absorbed by Natives Theory
believed the colonists of Roanoke went to live the Natives tribes
Split Community Theory
believed the colonists of Roanoke split up and some went to Croatoan Island