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Management Chapter 16 Final Exam Review

Forces external or internal that arouse enthusiasm and persistence to pursue a certain course of actions is called?
Managers understand what makes people initiate actions, what influences choice of action, and why they persist in that action over time.
Study of Motivation Helps...
When needs leads to behavior leads to rewards which informs one that the behavior can be used again is ?
A Simple Model of Motivation
Things that make you feel good when you are doing something particular is what type of reward?
Intrinsic Rewards
Instead of doing things that make you feel good, when someone else makes you feel good and you receive a reward it is called?
Extrinsic Reward
The most talented and innovative employees seek what type of rewards?
Intrinsic Rewards
Rewards people get from working on intellectually stimulating and challenging technical problems, as well as by the potentially beneficial global impact of their work.
psychic rewards
What concerns that thought process that influence behavior is?
Content Theories
The idea that people are motivated by a hierarchy of needs is?
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory
According to Maslow's theory what needs must be satisfied before higher-order needs are activated?
(Needs such as Physical Needs, Security, Love, Esteem, and Self-Actualization)
Low-Order Needs
Classifying needs into existence, relatedness, and growth is?
Clayton Alderfer ERG Theory
Failure to meet a high order need may trigger a regression to an already fulfilled lower order need is?
Frustration-Regression Principle
Which theory suggests that individuals may move up and down depending on an ability to satisfy needs is?
ERG Theory
Motivators influence levels of satisfaction and what influences levels of dissatisfaction in Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory?
Hygiene Factors
Managers who increase motivation and enhance performance by setting specific, challenging goals, then helping people track their progress towards that goal and providing feed back is what theory?
Locke and Latham Goal-Setting Theory
If people think their compensation is equal to what other get for similar efforts is an example of what theory?
Stacy Adams Equity Theory
whenever the ratio of one person's outcomes to inputs equals the ratio of another's outcomes to inputs.
Change of work effort, outcomes, perceptions, or leaving the job may result in what?
Inequity Resulted
If a person thinks motivation depend on one's expectations about their ablility to perform tasks and receive desired rewards is ? 16-3c
Expectancy Theory
The relationship between behavior and its consequences is?
Reinforcement Theory
When something leads you to an unpleasant outcome after you do a bad behavior is called?
Withholding positive rewards and ignoring undesirable behavior is?
Administration of a pleasant and rewarding consequence following a desired behavior is?
Positive Reinforcement
Removing unpleasant consequence once a behavior is improves also called negative reinforement is?
Avoidance Learning
Rotating employees from one job to another to provide a greater variety and satisfaction is?
Job Rotation
Combining small tasks into one new, broader job so that people perform a variety of actions is?
Job Enlargement
Incorporating high level motivators into work, including responsibility, recognition, and oppoutunities for growth, learning, and achievement is?
Job Enrichment
Observance of other people's behavior resulting in motivation is what theory?
Social Learning Theory
Also called self-control, this occurs when one motivates themselves by setting goals and ways to reach them and providing positive reinforcement to oneself when goals are achieved is?
An individual's belief about whether or not they can accomplish a specific task or outcome is?
responses that produce a satisfying effect in a particular situation become more likely to occur again in that situation, and responses that produce a discomforting effect become less likely to occur again in that situation.
Thorndike law of effect
Identified three basic acquired needs:
Need for Achievement
Need for Affiliation
Need for Power
Largely determined by early life experiences
McClelland's Need Theory
These are examples of what?
Skill variety
Task identity
Task significance
Hackman & Oldham's Model of Job Design
Core Job Dimensions
The degree to which individuals want personal and psychological development
Job enrichment is predicted to be more successful for people with high growth need strength
Hackman & Oldham's Theory: Growth Need Strength
When core job dimensions lead to Critical Psychological States which in turn produce personal work outcomes and overall constitues an employees growth to the point where they need strengh is?
Hackman & Oldham's Model of Job Design
The value an outcome holds for the person contemplating it.
The perceived likelihood that performance will be followed by a particular outcome.
Employees' perception of the likelihood that their efforts will enable them to attain their performance goals.
power sharing, the delegation of power or authority to subordinates in an organization
When employees receive information about company performance.
have knowledge and skills to contribute to company goals, have the power to make substantive decisions, and
are rewarded based on company performance this is?
people enjoy their jobs and are satisfied with their work conditions, contribute enthusiastically to meeting team and organizational goals, and feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization.
Feeling a sense of meaningfulness, connectivity, and having a chance to learn, grow, and advance are part of ?