APUSH multiple choice

Perfectionism in the mid-nineteenth century is best defined as
faith in the human capacity to achieve a better life on earth through conscious acts of will
a majority of the early English migrants to the Chesapeake Bay were
indentured servants
France decided to aid the North American Colonies in their war for independence primarily because France
wanted to weaken the British empire
in the eighteenth century, British colonists wishing to settle west of the Appalachians were principally motivated by
the low price and easy availability of land
Bristish colonists in North America objected to the Stamp Act primarily because it
taxed them without their consent
Jacksonian Democracy was distinguished by the belief that
franchise restrictions should be racially neutral
President Monroe articulated the Monroe Doctrine in his 1823 address to Congress primarily in order to
warn European nations against further colonial ventures in the Western Hemispheres
which of the following transportation developments opened the West to settlement and trade between 1790 and 1830
turnpike and canals
Shay's Rebellion frightened many Americans when
debt- ridden farmers attacked courts in western Massachusetts
Jamestown was founded by
a joint stock company anxious to return a profit to investors
France negotiated a treaty of alliance the new American Nation in 1778 following
the defeat of the British General Burgoyne at Saratoga
President George Washington's Farewell Address set a course for the nation by
discouraging permanent alliances with foreign nations
support for slavery in the Southern states was based on all of the following reasons except
most white families owned slaves
the Republican Party og the 1850's took which of the following positions on slavery
slavery could remain where it existed but should not be extemded into terrritories of new states
all of the following accurately describe Jefferson's purchase of the LA Terr. from France EXCEPT
it ended the threat of Amerindian raids on western settlements
Under the Articles of Confederation the US central government had no power to
lexy taxes
in which of the following British North American colonies was slavery legally established by the early 1700s
all of the colonies
the Constitutional Convention of 1787 did all of the following except
determine provisions to be included in the Bill of Rights
after the Frence and Indian War, British political leaderrs were determined to
require the Noth American colonies to pay a greater share of the empires administrative expenses
Thomas Jefferson believed all of the following except
a strong national army is essential to keep order in the United States
the Missouri Compromise was a victory for antislavery advocates because it
closed most of the LA Purchase to slavery
During the first half of the nineteenth century, the central and western areas of New York were known as the "burned-over district" because
of intense religious zeal created during the the Second Great Amakening
the Constitutional Convention designed the electoral college to
insulate the presidency from the popula will
under chief justice John Marshall, Supreme Court decisions tended to
promote business enterprise
which of the following conditions in England motivated Puritans to migrate to New England in the 1630s
(I,II, and III) political repression of dissident protestants, en economic recession, restrictions on puritan religious practices
prior to the Civil War, a transformation occurred in the workforce of the New England textile mills as New England farm girls were replaced by
Irish immigrants
the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case in 1857
effectively repealed the Missouri Compromise
the Jefferson admin. advocated which of the following changes as a means of restoring republican ideals
reducing the scope of activities of the federal government
the government of the Articles of Confederation was successful in resolving the problem of how to
provide for statehood for western territories
which of the following happened as a result of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676?
tensions between backcountry farmers and the tidewater gentry were exposed
Alexander Hamilton's domestic and foreign policies were directed primarily toward strengthening the federal government by
favoring the interests of the propertied and monied classes
all of the following contrivuted to Northern fear of a slave power conspiracy in the 1840's abd 1850's except the
passages of the Wilmot Proviso
the key purpose of Henry Clay's American System was to
develop a national economy by improving transportation
mercantilism as applied by Britain to the North American colonies meant that the British Government
the Great Amakening of the 1740's led to
What was the primary intention of the Adams admin. in enforcing the Sedition Act
to intimidate critics of Adams' foreign policy toward France and England
the most controversial and divisive component of the Compromise of 1850 was the
passage of a tougher national fugitive slave act
the slaves who participated in the Stono rebellion in South Carolina in 1739hoped to
flee to Florida where the Spanish offered freedom
the Northwest Ordinances did which of the following
established the terms for settlement and admission of new states
although Congress accepted most of Alexander Hamilton's economic proposals, it rejected his
call for direct subsudies to manufacturers
throughout the first half of the nineteenth century most women reformers were active in the cause of
the Federalists papers challenged the conventional political wisdom of the eighteenth century when they asserted that
a large republic offeres the best protection of minority rights
Pickney's Treaty with Spain is considered a diplomatic highlight of Washington's admin. because it
allowed the US to use the port of New orleans
the immediate effect of Andrew Jackson's attack on the Second National Bank of the USin 1834 was
the expansion of credit by state banks and speculation
the primary purpose of the Proclamation of 1763 was to
avoid conflict with the trans-Appalachian Indians
the majority of White families in the antebellum south owned
no slaves
the development of the early nineteenth century concept of "seperate spheres" for the sexes encourages all of the following except
accepting women as intellectual equals of men
the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions, the Hartoford convention and the South Carolina Exposition anf Prosest were similar in that all involved defense of
states' rights
the Embargo Act of 1807 had which of the following effects on the US
it disrupted American shipping
the National Road was constructed primarily for the purpose of
promoting trade and communication with the Old Northwest
all of the following contributed to the growth of the Free African American population in the US in the early nineteenth century except
federal constitution provisions for emancipation
the idea of Manifest Destiny included all of the following except
commerce and industry would decline as the nation expanded its agricultural base