Chapter 6 and 7 Flashcards

a society of Jesus (teachers and missionaries)
Ignatius of Loyola
founder of Jesuits; saint
Francis Xavier
first Jewish missionary
jewish woman
a revelation of future events
the community of Jews in Babylon after the exile outside Israel
giving witness to one's faith by proclaiming good news of Jesus Christ to the world through words and actions
inveritiable stories that are passed down from generation and accepted as true or partly true; form a legend cycle in the narratives in the Book of Daniel- a pattern which a religious figure is confronted with temptation but remains faithful to God and is delivered from danger
apocalyptic literature
usually written in response to real or perceived persecution
Alexander the Great
lover of all things Greek; hellenized the Ancient Near East; conquered the Persian empire, bringing hellenic civilization to Palestine
Philip of Macedon
had unified the warring Greek city-states
Antiochus III
turned his attention towards Egypt and Palestine
emerging superpower
widowed seven times
angel who acts as the meditator at God's throne to bring about Sarah and Tobit's deliverence from persecution
Book of Daniel
old testament book best known for apocalyptic symbolism
a center of itellectual learning; it was a public institution where training for public competition occurered, as did the teaching of philosophy, literature, and music
the major Greek god; to be worshipped alongside the God of the Jews
Judas Maccabees
the leader of the revolt (against?) Antiochus IV; marched into Jerusalem, reclaimed and cleansed the Temple, and restored the priests who had remained faithful (first Jewish revolt)
Hasmonean Dynasty
descendants of the Maccabean family
Herod the Great
handpicked; Roman choice to rule Palestine during the birth of Jesus
Herod Antipas
responsible for the execution of John the Baptist
Antiochus IV Epiphanes
A Seleucid ruler; tried to unify people by enforcing a hellenistic way of life; desecrated the Jewish Temple with images of Greek gods
becomes blind when committing an act of mercy
Gr. philosopher and Alexander's teacher
Alexander the Great's mother believed her son was destined for a divine mission because he was a descendent of him
by living according to their faith and acting agianst the laws of the governeing body that contradicted their religious laws, the Jews risked...
they were forced to accept Judaism by Hasmonean ruler John Hyrcanus
Judith defeated them with her beauty and charm
Cyrus the Great
this Persian king is called the "messiah" by the prophet Isaiah
the Babylonian king who conquered Judah (Kingdom)
Alexander the Great
conquered the Persian empire, bringing hellenic civilization to Palestine