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The U.S. Census Bureau collects and shares information on the population's size, age, racial composition, birth rates, and death rates. This organization collects data on:

Demographic Variables

Society A is in the stage in which people migrate to urban areas seeking work in factories. According to demographic transition theory, Society A is in which stage?

Stage Two

Ricardo is doing a research paper on the number of births that occur to unwed mothers. Ricardo is concerned with twhat unwed mothers?

Fertility Rate

In terms of population change, births and __ lead to growth, while deaths and __lead to population decline.

immigrants, emigrants

Dawn is examining the relationship between level of education and fertility among women. Dawn will find what?

The more education a woman has, the fewer children she will have

Christopher's research focuses on the number of deaths that occur in the population. Christopher is examining:


In New Zealand, the total fertility rate is 2. This reflects

Zero Population Growth

During the 1970's and 1980's, an increasing number of African-Americans moved out of the United States. This movement is called:


Diallo wants to know if the water pollution levels differ in lower, middle and upper class neighborhoods. Diallo's concern reflects:

Environmental Justice

Lauren's job requires her to report the number of births per 1,000 people each year. Lauren focuses on the?

Crude Birth Rate

Lionel creates a population pyramid and notices that the shape of the graph is square. This means that:

People are living longer lives

12. Dominick has built a large shelter under his house. The shelter is packed with canned goods. Dominick explains to his children that he is preparing for the day when the population will exceed available food supply. Dominick supports the:

Malthusian Theorem

13.Roberto believes that population growth should be controlled through birth control, delayed marriage, and sexual abstinence. Roberto supports ____________ on the population.

Preventive Checks

Lois was born in 1954. This means that Lois is a(n) _____________.

Baby Boomer

Mamadu lives in Zimbabwe. There are not many job opportunities there, so Mamadu is moving to the United States where he can get a job as a laborer. Which theory best explains Mamadu's situation?

Neo-Classical Migration Theory

It will take 29.4 years for the population of Africa to be two times what it is today. This reflects:

Doubling Time

Society X has just established itself as an industrialized nation. According to demographic transition theory, Society X is in which stage.

Stage Three

In Japan, the total fertility rate is 1.46. From this, we can conclude that:

All of the Above

Jessica needs to present a paper on the environmental impact that population, wealth and technology have on Mexican society. Jessica should cover:

The IPAT Formula

Because of increased opportunities in education and employment for women, there has been a decline in birth rates in Europe. This represents:

Doubling Time

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