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Warren thinks that the Alachua County School Board should offer sex education to high school students. To support his case, Warren presented School Board Members with the number of births for every 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 18 in the local area. Warren has utilized the:

Age-Specific Birth Rate

During the industrial revolution, young men and women left rural areas in large numbers to move to big cities. This movement was explained by the many jobs available in cities compared to the few jobs available in rural areas. This phenomena is best explained by:

Push-Pull Theory

The RNI (rate of natural increase) for Uganda is 3.55. This means that the Ugandan population is:


China is experiencing overpopulation. This means that resources in China are:


Society Y has entered a post-industrial economy. According to demographic transition theory, Society Y is in which stage.

Stage Four

Amy suggests that although other animals need to be concerned about air pollution, human beings are different because they can develop the technology to live with it. Amy supports:

Human Exemptionalism

Amelia is studying the social impact of teaching children about recycling. Amelia is interested in:

Environmental Sociology

In Somalia, the declining availability of fertile land and fresh water decreased the land's ability to support a certain number of people. This reflects a reduced:

Carrying Capacity

Sherman tells his parents that he wants to major in the study of population size and composition. Sherman wants to major in:


Because of the famine in Ethiopia, the number of deaths per year for every 1,000 people increased dramatically. This means that the _______ increased.

Crude Death Rate

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