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  1. alpha
  2. consciousness
  3. narcolepsy
  4. endorphin
  5. serotonin
  1. a Our awareness Of ourselves and our environment
  2. b brain wave of awake relaxed person
  3. c neurotransmitter that LSD resembles
  4. d disorder in which sleep attacks occur
  5. e natural painkiller produced by the brain

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  1. sleep stage associated with dreaming
  2. a hallucinogen
  3. deeper meaning of dreams
  4. drugs that reduce anxiety and depress central nervous system activity
  5. drugs that increase energy and stimulate neural activity

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  1. manifest contentsurface meaning of dreams


  2. cocainea stimulant


  3. Stages 3 and 4 sleeptwilight stage of sleep associated with imagery resembling hallucinations


  4. dissociationa split between different levels of consciousness


  5. alcohola depressant