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  1. mesmerism
  2. sleep spindle
  3. Stage 1 sleep
  4. marijuana
  5. Stages 3 and 4 sleep
  1. a a hallucinogen
  2. b twilight stage of sleep associated with imagery resembling hallucinations
  3. c early name for hypnosis
  4. d brain-wave activity during Stage 2 sleep
  5. e stage of sleep associated with delta waves

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  1. sleep stage associated with dreaming
  2. natural painkiller produced by the brain
  3. drugs that increase energy and stimulate neural activity
  4. sleep disorder occurring in Stage 4 sleep
  5. theory that dreaming reflects our erotic drives

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  1. alcoholbrain wave of awake relaxed person


  2. alphabrain wave of awake relaxed person


  3. REM sleepstage of sleep associated with muscular relaxation


  4. dissociationa split between different levels of consciousness


  5. consciousnessOur awareness Of ourselves and our environment