14 terms

S2CO4: Future tense

Yo voy a acampar
I am going to camp
Tú vas a bajar el río
You are going to go down the river
Ella va a bucear
She is going to scuba dive
Él va a caminar
He is going to walk
Nosotros vamos a escalar montañas
We are going to climb mountains
Ellos van a explorar
They are going to explore
Usted va a hacer turismo
You (formal) are going to sightsee
Ustedes van a ir de compras
You all are going to go shopping
Ellas van a ir de vela
They (all girls) are going to go sailing
Yo voy a nadar
I am going to swim
Tú vas a saltar a paracaídas
You are going to parachute
Ella va a tomar el sol
She is going to sunbathe
Él va a viajar
He is going to travel
Usted va a volar
You (formal) are going to fly