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  1. Genetically modified organisms
  2. Used to test for genetic defects and can be done as early as the ninth week of pregnancy
  3. segments of DNA from two different species that are joined in a laboratory to form a single molecule of DNA
  4. enzymes which recognize a specific short sequence of nucleotides (the target sequence) on a strand of DNA and cut the strand at a particular point within that sequence
  5. any characteristic that provides information about an organism's genome

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  1. Polymerase Chain Reactionalmost entirely automated method of replicating DNA that allows researchers to target and amplify a very specific sequence within a DNA sample


  2. GMFsGenetically modified organisms


  3. CloningGenetically modified organisms


  4. Gel Electrophoresiscan be used to generate a DNA fingerprint.


  5. Prenatal diagnoses____________ can be used to determine some genetic conditions and disorders