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A white blood cell that releases histamine which causes inflamation


Release clot digesting enzymes


Responsible for phagocytosis of large particles


Responsible for phagocytosis of small particles


Cell eating, The process by which a cell engulfs foreign substances or other cells


White blood cells which are produced in the bone marrow


Red blood cells which are produced in the bone marrow


Carries blood away from the heart; high in oxygen

Requirements for Transportation of materials in body

Fluid to carry materials - blood; tubes/body spaces to move fluid - blood vessels; mechanism to move fluid - heart


thin walled chamber of the heart


thick wall chamber of the heart


top chamber of the heart


Bottom chamber of the heart


Carry blood back to the heart

Why do we need a transportation mechanism in the human body?

Large multicellular organism and all of our cells are not in contact with the outside environment; transportation mechanism is needed to carry oxygen to the cells and wastes away from the cells.


iron containing molecule found in red blood cells that carries oxygen


process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment

Bicuspid Valve

Valve located on the left side of the heart between the left ventricle and left atrium

Tricuspid Valve

Valve located on the right side of the heart between the right ventricle and the right atrium

Dynamic Equillibrium

Internal environment remains the same even though the outside environment changes


An organism that can keep their body temperature relatively constant


An animal who's body temperature fluctuates depending on the temperature of the animals environment


A tough, protective membrane that surrounds the heart

Cardiac Muscle

Makes up the wall of the heart


Thick membrane that divides the heart into two halves, the right and the left side.

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