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which of the following are rich sources of vitamin c

green and red peppers

which water soluble vitamin can regnerate vitamin E after it has been oxidized?

vitamin C

keshan disease and kashin beck disease are both associated with which deficiency


most of the bodys vitamin A is stored in the


taking vitamin E supplements along with which of the following substances can cause uncontrollable bleeding


which research study demonstrated a link between vitamin E consumption and a decreased risk of heart disease in smokers

ATBC study

which of the following minerals can function as an antioxidant


which of the following nutrients requires the most frequent consumption to assure adequate body stores

vitamin C

at what stage in the development of cancer do the cancerous cells grow out of control and invade surrounding tissues


the most critical role that vitamin A plays in the human body is

maintaining healthy vision

which of the following statements is false concerning vitamin c

smokers should consume less vitamin c than non smokers

which of the following statements is false regarding free radicals

our body has no mechanism to combat free radicals

the three active forms of vitamin a in our bodies (retinol,retinal, and retinoic acid) are collectively reffered to as the


which of the following is not a function of vitamin E

improving the absorption of vitamin C if dietary intake is low

a genetic disorder that results in an excess of iron absorption and storage is


the smallest physical units of a substance are


most of the bodys vitamin A is stored in the


the light sensitive pigment found in rod cells and formed by retinal and opsin is


the most powerful and abundant for of vitamin e is


compounds that protect our cells from the damage caused by oxidation are known as


carbon and hydrogen are two examples of


a deficiency of which of the following can result in erythrocyte hemolysis, leading to anemia

vitamin e

Where does the body store selenium

in amino acids in the body

what is an exchange reaction

a two part metabolic reaction that involves a loss and gain of electrons

which kind of cells are responsible for enabling us to see in different colors


the deficiency disease associated with vitamin C is


which of the following statements is false regarding the mineral selenium

selenium is present only in foods of animal origin

research studies have consistently demonstrated an association between a reduced risk of cancer and

increased consumption of fruits and vegetables

a group of fat soluble plant pigments that are the basis for the orange, red, and deep yellow colors of many fruits and vegetables are called


the most common form of cancer in the united states is cancer of the


jane takes anticoagulant medication daily to prevent blood clots. Which vitamin must she avoid taking in excess of the RDA, as it could interact with the medication causing uncontrollable bleeding

vitamin E

which of the following would not be a good strategy for increasing vitamin c in the diet

boiling vegetables to bring the vitamin to the surface of the food

which of the following increases the RDA for vitamin C

smoking cigarettes

consuming even moderately excessive doeses of vitamin C supplements would bemost harmful to individuals suffering from


about 90% of vitamin e is stored in

adipose tissue

vitamin C assists in the synthesis of a protein that is a critical component of al lconnective tissues in the body. Known as what


in an atom, the electrons orbiting around the nucleus have what kind of charge


which of the following is a compound that is needed to activate an enzyme

a cofactor

which of the following is a substance that promotes oxidation and cell damage

a prooxidant

which of the following foods are the richest sources of vitamin e

mayonnaise, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds

which of the following diseases has not been linked to free adical damage

type 1 diabetes

what kind of reaction results in an atom gaining electrons

reduction reaction

which of the following cooking methods will likely destroy the most vitamin c in food


which of the following vitamins is the most powerful fat soluble antioxidant


keshan disease is a heart disorder associated with which of the following deficiencies


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