history 23-4


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to ensure production of vital war materials to resolve labor disputes the government created this in April 1918
National war labor board
the war led American industry to expand to meet the need for this and weapons
the labor shortage opened new job opportunities for
two thirds of the $32 billion that it cost the United States for world warI was raised by selling
liberty bonds
President Woodrow Wilson appointed who to head a new food administration
Herbert Hoover
President Woodrow Wilson appointed Herbert Hoover to head this, which urged farmers to produce more food and the public to eat less
food administration
supervised and coordinated the nation's industrial production
war industries board
President Wilson appointed journalist George Creel two head this
Committee on Public Information
the Committee on Public informations mission was to persuade the American people that the war represented a battle for democracy and
this occurred when many African Americans moved from the rural South to Northern cities
Great Migration
African Americans found continued ___________ in the north
racial prejudice
many ________ opposed the war because they thought it would only help rich business owners and hurt working people
passed by congress in 1917 gave the government a new weapon to combat dissent
Espionage Act
congress passed in 1918 with harsh measures, these laws made it a crime to say or pint or write anything negative about he government
Sabotage Act and the Sedition Act