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The West


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Self appointed law enforcement
Transcontinental Railroad
A rail link between the East and West
Land grants
The giving of railroad companies wide stretches of land to build on
Open Range System
System of cattle ranching in which property was not fenced in and cattle from any ranch grazed freely over property boundaries
Homestead Act
Act which offered farm plots of 160 acres to anyone willing to live there for 5 years, dig a well, and build a road
Las Gorras Blancas
A group that targeted the property of ranch owners by cutting holes in barbed wire fences and setting houses on fire in order to protect Mexican American property rights
A group of African Americans who took their name from the story of Moses and saw their "promised land" as Kansas and Oklahoma, where they planted crops and founded several all-black towns
Mining, farming, ranching
Main reasons people moved West
Mining towns that only lasted as long as gold or silver held out
Ghost towns
Mining towns abandoned after gold or silver was gone
Mexican cowboy
Cow Towns
Towns near railroad lines were often the end of cattle drives. This meant they were also home to rodeos and colorful characters
Settlers who were settled on public land
Morrill Act
Act that gave land grants to states to establish agricultural colleges and therefore spur developments in agriculture
Chinese Exclusion Act
Act that barred Chinese laborers from entering the country
Santa Fe Ring
White Americans used political connections to take land away from Mexican Americans
Alianzo Hispano-Americana
Group formed to protect Mexican Americans' rights
John Welsey Powell
Wanted water distribution and community control in the West
El Paso Salt War
Conflict between Americans and Mexicans over whether the use of salt beds in the El Paso Valley should be public or private property
Homesteaders who snuck into the Oklahoma territory before it was officially opened for settlement during the last land rush of the frontier
Sod Houses
Dirty, musty houses homesteaders were forced to live in because of the lack of wood on the Great Plains; made of sod, which was the strong matted grass surface of the plains