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  1. -man(u)-, -mani-...-chiro-
  2. empathy
  3. -temp-...-chron-
  4. verisimilitude
  5. verities
  1. a hand
  2. b time
  3. c truths that few can doubt
  4. d feeling as one would in another person's place
  5. e the appearance of truth

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  1. fold, copies
  2. feel, feeling
  3. flesh-colored
  4. based on what are thought to be the facts
  5. not in bodily form

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  1. providefind a way around


  2. -spec-, -spect-, -spic-see, look (at)


  3. anachronismknowing what is wrong


  4. protomorphicpredicting the results of a disease


  5. -vide-, -vis-look or see, sight


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